Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sonic is Awesome

I could post a million reasons why I love Sonic, but then I'm just the fatty who loves Sonic. So, I'll at least space it out...(the ice is a given. I mean please.) Anyhoo, I knew I'd be working late last night so I stopped at Sonic to power up/have a dessert for dinner with the lusciously delish Mocha Java Chiller. I've only tried the mocha and there's really no reason to stray, but I bet the others are just as great. This is a Frosty on crack. A Mocha in a beautiful blizzard. A real hug for my stomach for only $2.99. I add banana. Look out world.

Go getchu one!
Tell me, what's your favorite treat at Sonic?

Pablo, the gals on roller skates don't count. :)

Pia The Pig


  1. i say corn dog. if they made a corn dog shake, i'd be in double heaven.



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