Saturday, September 4, 2010

Great Wedding Idea

For those of you who know me well, you know I love creative ideas for weddings. This guestbook idea from Ohdeedoh is just that! Why not make a "guest tree" at your wedding from your guests' thumbprints? Very cool.

This is also a great idea for a new baby's room. Why not ask friends and family who visit to participate? Because we all know sometimes it's close friends that really make up our family as well.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend Plans, As Told Via Cat

We'll see how long I can keep this up. (TWSS.)

Hook 'em Horns!!

Yay for 3-day weekends!
Pia The Pig

This Was Awesome.

Another fave from I'm Remembering.

Happy Friday!
Pia The Pig

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fantastic Wedding Video

My friends Bill and Racheal got married last weekend and I must say I had high hopes for their wedding with their high level of awesomeness. Well, between the groom and his groomsmen wearing orange Vans, heartfelt, original vows, a freaking marching band to kick off the reception, a Beastie Boys cover band, ice cream sandwiches and a mac and cheese bar, TOTAL WIN. But, the piece de resistance was the surprise wedding video that supercreative Bill made to surprise Racheal and all of us at the reception.


Their story rocks, by the way. Bill was at Barnes and Noble promoting his first of two childrens books where Racheal approached him, gave him her card, and the rest is history.

Mazel Tov!
Pia The Pig



Pia The Pig

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, It's The First Of The Month

September, IN DA HOUSE! And OUTTA DA HOUSE. Thank God, it's going to cool down this month. One of the best months if you ask me. College football, Jewish New Year, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Labor Dizzle. It's all happening. Need any other excuses to celebrate? Here's a list of all days special in September. Did you know it's national honey month? Why not celebrate by making a mouthful of these OMGDELICIOUS Elvis Whoopie Pies featured on KBakes?

I ate like four of these at once. Absurd.

And in true September fashion, another totally tubular find from I'm Remembering: STICK-ON EARRINGS. YES!!

Happy September 1!
Pia The Pig

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Link Of All Links

1981. A huge year. I was born. Which makes me a Child Of The 80's. And while my brother and I were forced to live without cable or a pool, we had a damn good time. I loved ALF, Playmobil, and of course, all things Muppet. Toys, TV, food games. It all rocked. And so how FREAKING EXCITED am I to share with you, the website of all websites, I'm Remembering. (Thank you, Katie!) You can pretty much guess what is on this website, but just when you thought you knew, BOOM! Delightful trip down Memory Lane. I went ahead and pulled a ton of photos and will post one a day throughout the month. I also have a great list going of contributions I need to add to the site.

Happy vacay back to the 80's.

One of my first cds.


Trapper Keeper Of All That Was Holy


Would certainly be washed down well with THE BEST DRINK EVER.

Love it!!!
Pia The Pig

Monday, August 30, 2010

Speaking of Great Cards

New letterpress lovelies by my idol, Jessica Hische.

Pia The Pig

Awesomely Free And Adorable Book Plates

So I have way too many books on my nightstand that get completely ignored as dozens of more-enticing-to-me magazines plop on top of them. It's bad. What's even worse is that I have borrowed these books from friends. What's even worse than that is that I've had some of these for months. (ahem, Sara and Allison. I am sorry. And hurrying) Well, in order to keep friends like me who suck at returning things, why not give yourself (ok ok and your children) some of these adorable bookplates? These come from the talented Helen Dardik and her fun blog, Orange You Lucky. I love love love her style. These are free for download and would be so sweet all printed out on cardstock and nicely wrapped up as a gift.

More options on Ohdeedoh right here!

Pia The Pig

I'm So...

Welcome back to real time on AAAD!
Pia The Pig

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hellooooo Stocking Stuffer

For only $9.99, pretty sure everyone I know with a dog will be getting this humungastache for Chrismakkah this year. Brillz!

Pia The Pig


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