Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, looks like I have found Bert's Valentine's Day present. (As if you don't buy one for your pet. Pshaw.) If you haven't noticed, many a joyous photo on AAAD come from ICanHasCheezburger. Well, now, I can actually give a catnip cheeseburger to Bert (and so can you!) thanks to the brilliant and well-timed YesPleaseBurger on Etsy.

Pia The Pig

Still Shopping For Your Valentine?

Remember, it's not too late. Be more creative than a heart-shaped box and a teddy bear.

Shop Urban Outfitters' irreverent V-Day selection

Check out Amazon's ideas for her and for him

Bake something amazing

Write 14 things you love most about your valentine. Or 214 if you have awhile...Here's a start.

Frame a great photo of you and your valentine. Hand-write a love quote and frame it. NO ONE HAND WRITES ANYTHING ANYMORE!

And finally, give the gift of love for Valentine's Day. ADOPT A PET!

Pia The Pig

Friday, February 12, 2010

Third And Delaware: Oh, The Memories

Friends, last week was officially named (WHO GETS TO PLAY GOD ON FACEBOOK?) Doppelganger Week on Facebook. I had many friends who posted photos of gorgeous celebrities. Now, I have some very blessed friends in the department of beauty, but come on, let's keep it real. Not every blonde friend of mine looks like Cameron Diaz. Sorry, dudes.

So, as posted on FB, I posted a photo of the misfit teen of the 90's, the girl I have been told I resemble easily over 100 times, Sara Gilbert, aka "Darlene" on Roseanne. Ah, the apathy. The hair. The flannel. Well, now you can relive all of the greatness of my teenage look-alike (my parents nor I see it) and all of the AWESOMELY-BAD fashions of Roseanne at Third and Delaware: A blog dedicated to the fashion greatness of every episode of Roseanne.

Gotta love it. Thanks, Amy of Old Sweet Song for the link.

Flannel. Forever.
Pia The Pig

This Makes Me Smile

Yesterday, February 11, 2010, Dallas had the largest accumulation of snowfall in one day. 12.5"! That one day is the equivalent to what we normally receive in FIVE winters. Unbelievable. I have loved the quiet white visions all around me and smiled as I viewed dozens of my friends' photos of their dogs and children playing in the snow on Facebook. A co-worker of my Mom uploaded this photo of my Mom to Facebook.
I know I got so much of my spirit and love of life from my mom, and this picture really captures her joy. And this smile was at 7:45a.m. on a woman from Chicago, who grew up seeing days and days like these! This is a framer, Mom. Keep on rockin' through life.

Pia The Pig

Fun Idea For Your Couch

You all I know I love adding some flair to couches, chairs...any place to sit, really. How fun would it be to add the numbers to your home address, wedding date, or just your lucky favorite for a smile as you sit?

Loving these Number Pillow Covers from Pottery Barn.
And, as covers, they are WASHABLE!

8 Is Great!
Pia The Pig

Awesome Message Cones

The big V-day is almost here, and I will be featuring some ideas for lovely gifts over the next few days. These Meringue Message Cones are super cute and look not only delicious but with a sweet surprise to boot.

Pia The Pig

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And We're Back...With Snow!

It's snowing in Dallas and it is magical. So quiet and white and wintery and wonderful.

What a perfect day to stay in pajamas and make these Snowman Cake Pops! I am a huge fan of Mini Oreos. Even more so when they double as snowman hats.

And if it keeps on snowin', just move right on over to these adoraballs Frosty Cake Pops. LOVE! Get the scoop right here from the ever-inspiring Bakerella.

Wrap yourself up in blankets...of snow!
Pia The Pig


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