Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Pause

In Memory of 9/11.

Pia The Pig

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Officially Friday Morning,

And I am officially obsessed with Friday Night Lights. I have literally watched 10 episodes in a row tonight. What a great show. I loved the book and am way late on becoming a fan, but wow. I wanted to give the show a go since ABC Family decided to show it on weeknights starting from the beginning, which they began on Monday of this week. Thanks to the AWESOME Netflix watch instantly, I've been enjoying this all day and can't wait for more. It also makes me REALLY FREAKING EXCITED for football season. Who wants to go to a high school game in Texas? I am in.

Update: 15 episodes. Up until almost 4am. WORTH IT.

Pia The Pig

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Rosh Hashanananananananah

Happy New Year, Jews! It's 5771 and a great time of year for all of us to assess, reflect, make new goals, get excited for a new year, and celebrate life. I have been cherishing every sweet moment even more so after being greatly inspired and engrossed in the stories of Jeff and Sarah. Please keep them in your hearts, and remember, when you have your health, you have everything, because you can do anything.

To Life!
Pia The Pig

Well This Is An Awesome Idea, IKEA

To film a commercial, IKEA released 100 cats in its Wembley, England store after hours. Shoppers were "unaware that half an hour before, 100 felines were roaming free in the shop" ...until they found a hairball in their new bedspread.

Read more:

I would have really enjoyed casting, shooting, editing, and feeding snacks to the stars of that spot.


Thanks, Allison, for the link!
Pia The PIg

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More I'm Remembering Love

I LOVE THE LATE 80's/EARLY 90s. Greatness from I'm Remembering.

This is my ALL-TIME favorite food ever. I still think of these on an almost daily basis and am praying I will find them again at a dollar store one of these days, even if they did expire in 1989.

Skip-It's! Remember that craze? I was obsessed.

These were such a hot item at my elementary school's supply cart!

Tubular finds!
Pia The Pig

Happy Delicious Birthday

To my dear friend Kellyn of KBakes. She made a birthday cake for us to all enjoy as we celebrated her birthday over the weekend that was seriously TO DIE FOR.
I love that I have such talented friends who I can totally benefit from in all aspects of my life. Haha.

Pia The Pig

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rounding Out The Wedding Talk

I am that person who ignores your wedding registry. Sorry. Whatever. I have good taste. And while yes, you might think you really want that colander, I think sometimes, a little bit more personal means more than the beloved Crate and Barrel box. Amy from Old Sweet Song had some lovely ideas for presents for the bride. Check 'em out.

I remember the first of my close friends to get married, Craig and April, had of course, a lovely registry. But you know what I got them? The Hot Diggety Dogger. And you know what else? They freaking loved it.

Most recently, I went to a wedding of some very creative and fun friends of mine. They love to host pool parties at their house, and get quite creative with the food and drink. So, my friends and I chipped in and got them the Snow Cone Maker Of All Snow Cone Makers
and of course, a Syrup, Cup, and Straw Set to boot.
Sure, they didn't ask for it, but I doubt they will object. I have a feeling this will truly be a present for everyone involved and way more fun than a cutting board.

This is one of a few fun ideas for wedding gifts I'll be sharing. Remember, think outside the box!
Pia The Pig

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Limited Wedding

I previously wrote that The Limited was launching a wedding collection. Well, consider it launched. There are two wedding gowns thusfar, which are less than $300, but what I like even more are the bridesmaid dresses. This Rosette Hem dress is adorable, and even more adorable is its $98 price tag.

They also have a bunch of "Event dresses" and I just love this one shoulder detail dress.

This could be perfect for a bridesmaid as well. I have had a bunch of dresses from The Limited and they are made well and very reasonably priced. Love these new additions!

Pia The Pig

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Speaking of wedding ideas, I am loving the rise of candy (not just for Bat Mitzvahs anymore!) and the candy buffet. There are so many awesome ways to display candy as a fun favor at the end of the night. This is not just for weddings, though. Candy buffets make anyone happy at any event. This Sesame Street-themed one is my all-time favorite.

My friend Stephanie told me she loaded up on candy for the candy buffet for her wedding at Candy Warehouse, the mecca for all things candy. Well, hello, website I'd like to eat up! You can search by color, kind (gummi, please!), flavor, and even holiday. Perfect for all of your swizzle stick needs for your own buffet. Prices are reasonable and the website is simple to use. HELLO LOVER.

And duh, this giant gummi bear on a stick will be mine.

WOW. 11 flavors!

Pia The Pig


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