Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Day In Jams

I didn't get dressed today. It was raining. I didn't feel well. Mom brought lunch and lattes and we cleaned out my office. Such a nice 24 hours. It's good to listen to your body (and your mom) and just chill now and again.

Pia The Pig

Well I Love This

I don't know who these dudes are but apparently they have a few videos. I found this from another gymnastics nerd who posted in the "Post something you like" thread on my beloved gymnastics gossip message board. Yeah, still reading? Thanks. Watch this.

And, PS, all of the videos I post here get annoyingly cut off on the right 10%. So just click on the actual youtube logo and watch it from there. kthxbye.

Happy Weekend!
Pia The Pig

Friday, September 24, 2010

So Awesomely True

I Am The Art Director. It's ok, Mom. I usually don't know what I'm doing either.
Pia The Pig

This Is Amazeballs

Glee + Britney = TOXIC EXPLOSION

Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Know What Today Needs?


The last second of this one brings the ROFLs.

There's like, MUCH MORE, where that came from.

Pia The Pig

Tami Taylor is Awesome

Last night I completed the series (up to date) of Friday Night Lights. Less than two weeks. Could. Not. Stop. I am thrilled to see that my new favorite show is on the cover of this month's Texas Monthly as perhaps the best tv show to portray Texas. Ever. I wholly agree even though I haven't even watched the others.

Tami Taylor is the matriarch of the show and basically one of the best female characters I've ever watched on tv. She is strong. Brave. Balanced. And has a killer sense of style, pairing dresses with cowboy boots, that I plan to whole-heartedly adopt this fall.
This blog post pontificates on this awesome woman and her awesome boots.

While I still adore my Anthro boots from two years ago, I am ready to shell out some bucks for some new boots to scoot in. How gorgeous are these Justin for Fossil boots?


I also LOVE these bow boots from Anthro, but I think I need something with a little more cowboy in them.
A little more Tim Riggins. Perhaps Deena and I can channel our inner Tami Taylor when she visits in October? Look out, I might just have to get some snap-button-downs to boot. But never a pocketless jeans. THE HORROR.

Pia The Pig

Most Awesome Thing Ever. No, Really.

Go. Vote. It's fun.

A is for Awesome!
Pia The Pig

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dustin's Cat Bonnie Is Awesome

She found a new home. Love it. This has inspired me to have a new feature on AAAD. Send me your pet photos of them sitting/sleeping in ridic places for a chance to have a special feature on my blog. Does your pet's name have a Google result? IT WILL NOW.

Thanks for the kickoff, Bonnie Ballard!
Pia The Pig

Still More Awesome Than Bieber

I realize I might possibly lose readers with that statement, but I am standing by my claim that Greyson Chance is truly the awesomest of the tweens with awesome hair who sing power ballads. Check out Greyson's latest performance on Ellen. You can't help but smile.

Pia The Pig

CUTE Party Ideas!

My long time friend Mindy has an adorable family and an even more adorable blog. Her daughter, Lyla, turned one over the weekend and they threw her a sunshine party.

Love this idea! Mindy's friend Kara helped her put the adorable party details together. Kara has a great blog with a ton of really cute party ideas. Makes me want to get up and make a banner or two.

Pia The Pig

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Awesome Surprise!

My BFF Katie and I have watched You've Got Mail about a million times. Every fall we think about sending each other this lovely idea that's straight outta Tom Hanks's mouth as Joe Fox. "Just call me Joe."

Today I opened a surprise package in the mail from Katie of about 50 freshly-sharpened pencils. Totally on point.

Surprise someone today!
Pia The Pig

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hot And Cold And Awesome

Although I do find Miss Katy's outfit pretty inappropriate, these are two of my favorite celebs.

Over And Out.
Pia The Pig

New Online Portfolio Site

Well, this looks easy. PopSlice is a super-easy to use, customizable and affordable online portfolio site. You can choose from a few different layouts and even customize your fonts and layouts. While I am a fan of Carbonmade, PopSlice does offer as an option for under $13 a month. I found out about PopSlice from Swiss-Miss, where they are offering readers there a discount in September. Check it out.

Happy Portfolioing.
Pia The Pig

Hey, Cool!

On Craig Frazier looks at his favorite designers and illustrators books, talks to them, and shares the inspiration. There is some AWESOME stuff here for all of us. I love this architectural Three Little Pigs post.
I must get this for my nephew, Jack.

This one's for you, Katie. (Sidenote: read this.)

Another great find from Swiss-Miss.

Happy reading!
Pia The Pig

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nerd Alert: The Original Human Pac-Man

Um, this is awesome. Imagine 111 human pixels that moved from seat to seat during more than 4 hours. Idea from Guillaume Reymond.


Love it!
Pia The Pig


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