Saturday, October 16, 2010

World Championships Photo Of The Day

This photo is of my favorite gymnast of all time, Kim Zmeskal, who won the all-around world title in Indianapolis in 1991. This was one of the first meets I saw that made me fall in love with gymnastics. Now, Kim coaches National Team Member Chelsea Davis who was no doubt peaking at Worlds and just suffered an unfortunate dislocated kneecap in podium training. Chelsea has a great attitude and is cheering on her team from the sidelines, but I can't wait to see her continue before she heads to UGA. Love this photo. Love that they are from Texas.

Pia The Pig

A Great Race

This morning, my mom, my friend Allison, and about 21,000 others walked, ran, and jogged through the streets of Dallas for the Race For The Cure. This was my first time participating in the race and I must say I will definitely be making it an annual tradition. Mom and I walked in honor of her teaching partner Stella who also taught me back in 1986. Stella is brave and awesome and had a great time walking with all of the other teachers and friends. It was a great day and Dallas raised around $2 million. Nice job, Big D! Want to walk with us next year? Let me know!

Here's a group shot. Stella, our group's hero, is down front with the pink hat.

And my mom and her teaching partner, AAAD Reader Jen, and another group member.

And a not-so-flattering-yet-very-special shot of Mom and I in our delightful new Old Navy performance fleece vests which were a great deal at $15, but are going to be only $5 next Saturday, the 23rd.
Go get some of these! I love the colors and they are lightweight, slimming and have pockets. I will be hitting up ON for their price adjustment and saving $20 to buy something else cute there.

Deals and Divas.
Great morning.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sorry To Those Who Had To Witness This In Person

but this is awesome.

Happy Friday!
Pia The Pig

It's Fall Friday!

So OBVI that means CATS IN PUMPKINZ! Buzzfeed is awesome enough to bring us 20 Cats In Festive Pumpkin Costumes. YES. There's more where this came from, but that will wait until tomorrow.

COULD YOU DIE?! See the rest of the cuties here.

Are you so excited for me to attempt Bert as a pumpkin? I AM.
Pia The Pig

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's World Championships Time

I am obviously a huge gymnastics fan. Well, my friends, right now I'd rather be in Rotterdam watching the world's best. In honor of this annual joyous occasion, I will be posting a photo a day from worlds and linking to the source. This gem that combines fashion + gymnastics is of Ana Porgras, the minute powerhouse from Romania.
Bitch is wearing legwarmers. You would too if you weighed 70 pounds. Whatever, she's killin' it. Thanks CouchGymnast for this pic and plenty more.

Pia The Pig

Some Deliciousness From My Faves

My BFF Katie daytripped to Dallas this week for a quick trip to the fair. Check out this awesome photo collage she made.

Awesome. But her play-by-play of the day with more photos is even better, highlighted (highlit?) by this gem below.

This is the last weekend of the State Fair. I have a free ticket. And some Pepto-to-go. Sounds like a winning combo!

And speaking of deliciousness and Katie, I am welcoming a new addition to my blog list on the right, right over there, the lovely blog of Katie's even lovelier mom, Eileen. This woman has not only birthed three amazing children, saved the lives of thousands of babies as a talented Neonatologist and more, the woman NEVER SITS STILL. She embroiders, makes homemade EVERYTHING, keeps an impeccable garden and home, and is always calm. WHO IS THIS WOMAN?! Well, meet her here. This adorable chili and cornbread recipe is a great place to start.

Enjoy the deliciousness!
Pia The Pig

Because Etsy Is Awesome

I heart Etsy. I have found more awesome finds and crafters on here than anything and love the internet times infinity for hosting such an awesome website. )Latest Etsy find: yes.)

Well it sure is cool to see the behind-the-scenes of Etsy. Check out their awesome corporate digs that one of my fave bloggers, SwissMiss, got to tour yesterday. Her thoughts: "Not only do they have a fulltime chef (!), they also bought all their furniture and decoration off Etsy. What struck me is that their office is a 100% true to their brand. The office maintains the handmade feel of the products they carry. Impressive."

This is like the day I saw inside the Anthro office. I almost immediately barfed on the computer of overwhelming jealousy, intrigue, and interest.


Sidenote: this article about the visual merchandising at Anthropologie is a great read

Pia The Pig

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Never Done This...


But I am linking to a past post today because I just had another one of these custom-made-for-me ridiculously good-looking creations at Sonic: Mocha Java Chiller, add banana. On the way home from a clean bill of health at the gastro. That's how I rolllllll.

And just because this Google image result comes up with a "sonic cat" search...

Pia The Pig


Makin' history. THAT'S HOW WE DO IT IN TEXAS.

PS-Love this.

Pia The Pig

Well This Brings The LOLs

I love Katy Perry's suggestive hit "Peacock." I love this Chatroulette version even more. Watch this yip dancing to KP and the reactions that follow. It truly brings the ROFLs!

Are you brave enough?
Pia The Pig

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Because Grover Is King

In case you missed it, this Grover/Sesame Street spoof of the famous Old Spice commercial is freaking awesome as awesome can be. Love the sass!

If this means Grover will become more of a trending topic than ever, FINE BY ME. Perhaps we can add fuel to the Grover fire this winter by donning this ridiculously good-looking Grover hat.
More of another Muppet fan? Don't worry. They have the whole line.

Hmm. How convenient that there are eight nights of Hanukkah. You know who celebrates Hanukkah? THIS GUY. GAL. WHATEV. BUY ME.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Holy Bananas

This looks like just the hot mess collaboration of Four Weddings, Bridezillas, Jersey Shore, and Cops. Check out "My Big Friggin' Wedding" that's coming soon to vh1. My RSVP card accepts with pleasure. (Is that a new pick-up line I just invented?)

Pia The Pig


Good morning! While I catch up on backblogging some awesomes for you, I must share this ridiculous deal going on right now at Gap. Perhaps out of guilt regarding their downgrade new logo, Gap is offering a whopping 40% of your entire purchase. Bump that up to 45% off with your Gap/BR/Old Navy card.

EVEN ON SALE ITEMS. Total deal. I will stand by the fact that they have some of the best skinny jeans out there, and now, for a steal. Perhaps I will pick up this tote I spotted over the weekend.
I type this post as I sport my new denim pencil skirt that I picked up, along with $15 puffy vests (!!!!) at Gap Outlet over the weekend. They had some great deals in there, and with my coupon email, I saved an additional 20% at the register. Friends, if you aren't signing up for emails from your favorite retailers, it's worth it for all of the deals! Let's stock up for fall!

Let me know what you pick up!
Pia The Pig


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