Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Great Race

This morning, my mom, my friend Allison, and about 21,000 others walked, ran, and jogged through the streets of Dallas for the Race For The Cure. This was my first time participating in the race and I must say I will definitely be making it an annual tradition. Mom and I walked in honor of her teaching partner Stella who also taught me back in 1986. Stella is brave and awesome and had a great time walking with all of the other teachers and friends. It was a great day and Dallas raised around $2 million. Nice job, Big D! Want to walk with us next year? Let me know!

Here's a group shot. Stella, our group's hero, is down front with the pink hat.

And my mom and her teaching partner, AAAD Reader Jen, and another group member.

And a not-so-flattering-yet-very-special shot of Mom and I in our delightful new Old Navy performance fleece vests which were a great deal at $15, but are going to be only $5 next Saturday, the 23rd.
Go get some of these! I love the colors and they are lightweight, slimming and have pockets. I will be hitting up ON for their price adjustment and saving $20 to buy something else cute there.

Deals and Divas.
Great morning.

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