Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Need A Suit? Awesome Sale Today Only at VS

Funny, I was just saying to my friend at lunch that should probably have more than one acceptable* swimsuit. You know, in case Ed from The Bachelorette decides to whisk me off to Bermuda for the weekend. Okay, I know...that's silly.

Ed seems like more of a Bahamas kinda guy.

Anyway, I just impulse bought a few suits from Victoria's Secret, pretty much the only place to find a decent looking underwire top anywhere.

Happy Shopping!
Pia The Pig

*acceptable = acceptable-ish

Awesome Sale This Weekend at Banana Republic Outlet

We've seen it here before, and now the Banana Republic Outlet is back with another big sale. You can catch me there this weekend! I found loads of great stuff last time.

Awesomely Designed Online Invites

You're invited to check out Paperless Post, really cute online stationary without the cheese factor. While I find incredible joy in designing tangible invitations, it's about time someone created a way to a)save paper and b)create invitations easily and quickly. Sure beats a last-minute email or text.

Choose from categories like Modern or Classic Formal, Modern or Classic Casual, or Modern or Classic Seasonal. Most designs have a few colors to choose from, and there's a pretty good selection of fonts. The site walks you through the design process very clearly. Each comes in a virtual envelope. It just takes a minute to register. Trust me, it's worth it. Here are some of the cute seasonal invites. I want to throw a party just to send one of these Bomb Pops invites.

Thanks to AAAD Reader Amanda for the tip!

Always Remember to RSVP!
Pia The Pig

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guest Blogger: My Taste Buds. "We Have Something Awesome To Report"

Today's post features a guest blogger: My Taste Buds. Before I keep going with this extended metaphor, I'll just get started by saying I am excited to report about a new ice cream to hit the market (or Kroger, rather) in Dallas: Graeter's. YUM. AAAD Reader Alice let me in on Graeter's, so I picked up a pint over the weekend. I tried the Black Raspberry Chip and it was great. Not as sugary sweet as some other ice creams, this is chock full of chocolate chunks and even more tempting, is such a beautiful indigo color (not many things are truly 'indigo.' This is.) I just want to stare at it. And then eat it. A lot of it.

Graeter's has a fun website with all sorts of tempting photos of all the great flavors. Alice recommends the Double Chocolate Chip, and I already have my eye on the Mocha Chip. Next week's Bachelorette Viewing Party just got even more delicious. (As if I can wait that long to eat more.)

Make it two scoops!
Pia The Pig

Monday, June 15, 2009

One Awesome Landing

Surprisingly for those who know me, this is not a post about gymnastics. BUT! It is about cats. I can only fool my audience so much. Click here to read the adventure that Lucky had a few weeks ago, falling 26 stories! It has a happy ending (for once on the news).

Remember, if you take a leap, you'll *almost* always land on two feet!
Pia The Pig

Awesomely Comfortable Headbands: No Longer an Oxymoron

So I am totally all over the headband bandwagon. I love the dynamic duo of adding a little bit of femme to my do while hiding the frizz. Unfortch, many headbands leave me with one of those "my hair hurts" days that boys simply can't seem to understand. Still, beauty before pain, right? That's why I was so glad to find these amazing simple and awesome headbands from Urban Outfitters. I can wear these babies all day and forget I have them on. Metallics and dark colors add brightness or subtlety. Pops of color add, well, pops of color. Whatever you're seeking, these headbands can do it! I'm going back to buy every color set to mix and match.

Your hair will thank you!
Pia The Pig


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