Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Awesome Event This Weekend: Rock The Block

Thanks to AAAD reader Pablo for the tip. Rock the Block is tomorrow, Saturday, the 11th.

Bread Winners, the Quarter Bar and Primo's are excited to present ROCK THE BLOCK. A block party of epic proportions to celebrate the dog days of summer! The parking lots across from these establishments, in the 3300 block of McKinney Ave. (next to The Marquis), will be partially tented and blocked off to host a variety of music acts throughout the 11 hour event. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to enter this fenced in event and Dallas Police will be on hand to ensure crowd safety.

The life of every party, Big Al Mac of KHKS/106.1 Kiss FM will be our MC for the day.

DJ Special Blend
Steve McKeown 3-6 pm
Paul Paredes 6-10 pm

Live Music will include:
11:30 am (to be announced)
12:30 pm Kirkland
1:30 pm The Felons
2:30 pm MLKirk
3:30 pm OBANS
5:00 pm Here, in Arms
6:30 pm The O's
8:00 pm The King Bucks

Food and beverages will be made available for purchase on site by Bread Winner's and Primo's. The restaurants will also be open for customers who wish to dine inside and take a break from the fun in the sun.

Admission is $10 at the gate. Proceeds will benefit Kidd's Kids and St. Paul Medical Foundation to benefit UT Southwestern's Heart, Lung and Vascular Programs. Kidd’s Kids was founded by nationally syndicated radio host Kidd Kraddick in 1991, and provides chronically and terminally ill children and their families a five day Walt Disney World Getaway.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Have An Awesome Weekend! 7/11 Style

Happy Weekend, Kiddos! I just got back from a whirlwind trip to LA and I'm happy to be home for the weekend, even though I would kill to have brought back some of the amazingly pleasant and cool LA weather in my suitcase. Oh well. Good thing I can chill out here tomorrow with the help of a free Slurpee at 7-11 in honor of, you guessed it, 7-11! They're celebrating their 82nd birthday. Oh thank heaven!
I'm sad I am too late posting this for you all to cash in on Chick Fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day, but I say you hit up your local CFA this weekend anyway, because nothing says delicious like a nug and a shake from CFA.

Find more info on the events below here.

White Rock Local Market

Indie Shop Soiree at the House of Blues

Cheesemaking class at The Mozzarella Company

Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown at the West End with Jason Kidd

Taste of Dallas at the West End
All weekend

Saturday Night In The City at the Nasher-Tom Petty Cover Band, Petty Theft

Keith Urban at the AAC

Bill Maher at the Majestic Theater

"Running of the Bulls" event at Cafe Madrid
In honor of the fiesta in Pamplona, Spain, Cafe Madrid presents the "Running of the Bulls" celebration with drink specials, flamenco dancers and guitarists. Participants are encouraged to wear red and white and can have a photo taken with one of Spain's iconic black bulls. 5 p.m. Cafe Madrid, 4501 Travis St.

Bricks In The Wall (The Sights and Sounds of Pink Floyd) at the House of Blues

A Chorus Line at Music Hall at Fair Park
Numerous Times this weekend

Basically Beethoven Festival
Through July 26. If you’re looking for a way to relax on a Sunday afternoon, look no further than Fair Park. The Fine Arts Chamber Players (FACP) will be hosting the 29th Annual Basically Beethoven Festival every Sunday throughout July at Texas Discovery Gardens. 2:30 p.m. for pre-show and 3 p.m. for concert. Texas Discovery Garden, 3601 Martin Luther King Jr. 214.520.2219 or

Make it a great one.
Pia The Pig

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Feature on AAAD: Awesome Grocery Store Finds

I'm starting a new feature here on AAAD: Get This At The Grocery. There are lots of great products out there that we love, and no better place than to share them here. Please let me know what you are lovin' lately.

Today's first installment is a delicious and healthy drink that I just loved the minute I tried it: Minute Maid Pomegranate Tea. Now there are loads of pom drinks as well as teas out there, but for under $3 at most grocery stores, this really hit the spot. It wasn't too tea-ish or overloaded with a syrupy taste. It's good for you and great to cool off your palette while pleasing the taste buds. The bottle is great, too, and I've been refilling it with water and bringing it to the pool.

Go getcha some, and let me know what you're noshin' on lately.

Pia The Pig

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh No She Diiiii'nt. More Awesome Earrings.

The same awesome Etsy seller, CharlieCarter, who made the Sesame Street earrings below, has brought back my childhood in a major way with these Glow Worm Earrings. The face freaking GLOWS IN THE DARK. Hey, go turn off the lights. Are your ears currently glowing? I DON'T THINK SO!

Let's change that. Get 'em before I buy 'em all. Right here.

But wait, there's more! Why do I think I'll finally find the funny/adorable/smart/nerdy boy I am looking for if I buy and sport these Mario and Luigi Earrings?
Delusion? Who knows. These are at least a conversation starter if nothing more.

So much more fun stuff on here. Have a looksie.

Ears are Secksey!
Pia The Pig

These Awesome Earrings Were MEANT FOR ME!

Holy Shnikees! I've been wearing the crap out of my Mini Hot Dog earrings. Look out ears. There's a new Muppet (or six) in town.

A is for AWESOME.
Pia The Pig

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Friends Are Awesome, Part 2.

I gotta brag about you biatches.

Yesterday I asked my friend and AAAD reader Kristie if she wanted to go get a pedicure at lunch.

Here's her email:
"I would, but I'm now rescuing a bird. I was walking outside, and there was a bird with a broken foot/wing. Our building maintenance man, Jose helped me resuce it, and I'm taking it to some bird place by White Rock Lake. I named the bird, Henry, so I'm saving Henry."

And suddenly my Mango Mango wasn't quite so important...

Y'all amaze me.
Pia The Pig

So Apparently...My Friends Are Even Awesomer Than I Even Knew

And I know you guys are freaking awesome.

AAAD reader and incredibly talented copywriter Ashley is the creator of that deliciously awesome Fiber One spot below.

Every day I am amazed to know such talented, creative, girls who know how to keep it REAL.

And who know their fiber.

And that. Is Awesome.

Pia The Pig

Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Knew Fiber Could Be Awesome? can. I'll never forget the delicious sight of watching my parents down glasses of orange, cloudy Metamucil as a child. It never looked as good as my Tang. Anyhoo, thanks to a certain unnamed AAAD reader, I tried Fiber One bars. Who knew eating fiber could taste like eating a candy bar? Apparently my friend did, and as your friend who only wants the best for both your taste buds and your digestive tract, let me introduce you to the yumminess that is the Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. With 35% of your daily value of fiber, you'll enjoy yourself in more ways than one. And...we'll leave it at that.

I'm thrilled to see the new Fiber One spots on the air. I think this commercial is hilarious, from the casting of the talent to the VO to the tag line.

Thank me later!
Pia The Pig

The Sale at Gap Looks Pretty Awesome

And now it just got better. Loads of stuff already on sale at Gap, and here's an extra discount for you to use online.

Happy Shopping!
Pia The Pig

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Isn't It Awesome Weather For A Sno-Cone?

Hello my glorious friends! I hope you enjoyed this long and celebratory as much as I did. I finally got some pool time for the first time this summer (twice in 24 hours!), ate hot dogs (again, twice in 24 hours), saw two movies, hung out with friends, family, Bert, and even got in a major bike ride. Phew!

After swimming at the clean and nice neighborhood public pool (only $2) at Tietze Park with AAAD readers Kristie and Pablo, Kristie mentioned her hankering for a sno-cone. But the only place I could think of is up north, and we all retired our Snoopy Sno-Cone Machines in the mid-80's. So, I bring you the report of the best sno-cones in Dallas. I need more, though. Got a place to add? Please let us know!

1. Apparently all the rage is in Oak Cliff at Aunt Stelle's Sno-Cones. They have Cinnamon. And pineapple.
2. TC Shaved Ice. This is in Plano. Cash only, try the lemon-lime apparently.

Tomorrow I'm off to Toys R'Us to buy a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, woo hoo!

Pia The Pig


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