Friday, February 4, 2011

Scenes From A Snow Day

Luckily things have really slowed down at work so I can spend today indoors making things in my pajamas. I'm wearing my dad's NASA sweatshirt that's older than I am. WIN. Here are a few pics to chronicle.

Here's the chocolate chip banana bread I made for my co-workers yet ate myself, although it was really not good. Kellyn made one, too. I'll bet you a loaf of money hers turned out great. And yes, that's real snow on the plate as I attempted to take this photo outside and almost fell and then realized I was getting snow in my coffee. Katie got me that mug. Seemed like a nice sentiment today.

I walked to Office Depot to buy a phone charger and candy. Snow day needs. Here's a pic from the walk, which I really enjoyed.

My driveway.

Bert checking out the snow.

And finally, when life hands you a snow day, invite the neighbors over for impromptu game night and make "snow-covered pretzels!"

Hope you're enjoying it.
Pia The Pig

My Thoughts On The Snow

Blame it on cancer, or whatever you will, but after learning that at least three close friends of mine lost loved ones this week, and I read other friends' blogs about cancer who are scared that each day might be their last, I have to share this quote (I made a slight winter adaptation above) I found last night on a lovely post here. People are going nuts here over the snow and it's immense inconveniences. Yes, I missed a doctor's appointment I really needed to have, and deadlines are being missed on work projects. Things are closed and it's annoying and inconvenient. Super Bowl travel is a super mess.

But it's beautiful. I've cooked more this week and spent more time in the pajama pants I got for Hanukkah than usual. I've slowed down, not texted while driving, and amused myself with all the stuff I have at home. Laughed with my mom about her energy to clean her oven. Smiled that my sister-in-law was overjoyed to spend every 9-5 moment with my nephew. Reminded that people are good as a total stranger got out of his warm car to push mine up the road the other day.

I can't help but think of those who have moved on up to the heavenly gorgeous skies this week. They're having a party and reminding us that they are okay. Throwing confetti down on us.


You can't change the weather, only your attitude.

I know it's a soapbox but it's my blog.
Pia The Pig

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Reveal

So, only this month did I learn about the new baby gender reveal party trend. This party can be small, between the parents, or something larger, like this sweet couple did.

The big reveal! from Kristin Timmerman on Vimeo.

Thanks, Katie for the link.

It's baby fever up in my "social network" lately. Earlier I had to google "can pregnant women eat cheesecake" on my phone.
Answer: YES.

Pia The Pig

Awesome Sale.

I greatly applaud these efforts.

Pia The Pig

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I just whipped up the easiest, best homemade chicken noodle soup I've ever had. I can say this comfortably only because my mom's soup involves matzo balls of course and therefore makes it different. Anyhoo, I had a rotisserie chicken that I wanted to use up and that was the inspiration, along with this recipe I've made so many times I have memorized.

Okay, so here's my recipe for Brrrrrt's Purrrfect Chicken Noodle Soup (Yep, coined it.)

1. Heat a tablespoon or so of olive oil in a large pot over medium high heat.
2. While that's warming up, chop a handful of baby carrots and a couple of pieces of celery.
3. Add carrots, celery, a bay leaf, and a handful of frozen chopped onions to the pot. (Frozen chopped onions are SO CONVENIENT. No tears, no chopping.)
4. Add a box (or a box and a half if you have two on hand) of chicken broth.
5. While those are simmering, slice some small pieces of chicken off of a store-bought rotisserie chicken. I bought a lemon pepper chicken from Wal-Mart and I'm convinced that's why this soup had such great flavor. I chopped about a cup and a half. Add the chicken to the pot.
6. Add the pasta. I went for this and it was perfect. I probably added about a cup/cup and a half. Just eyeball it. You can't ever have too many noodles.

7. Simmer for about 7 minutes or until the pasta is done to your liking.

Grab a hunk of bread and hit the couch. Then, of course put one serving in the freezer to share with a friend who has a cold and enjoy the rest for yourself. Cheers!

Pia The Pig

Love This Idea

Sixteen Candles is coming to an AMC Theater near you for Valentine's Day weekend. Yes!

Pia The Pig

Some Awesome Looking Cold Weather Recipes

Good morning from chilly Dallas! After a bit of trubs on the roads yesterday, I'm not chancing it today. Instead, I'll work from home. What a perfect excuse to cook up something nice in a stock pot. Here are a few recipes I'm hoping I have the ingredients for already in the house. I am linking to a few different food blogs so y'all can check 'em out. :)

Start the snow day off right with this spinach and cheese strata from Annie's Eats.

A healthier mushroom stroganoff.

Garlicy Baked Shrimp from Gimme Some Oven.

And the one I might even have to take a trip to the store to get the ingredients to make: Ina Garten's (The Queen!) Italian Wedding Soup via Recipe Girl.

These look pretty perfect for the couch, a Snuggie, and some Top Chef.

Pia The Pig

Made Me Laugh



Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's cold here! Ice. Snow. Whatever that is. What a great day to snuggle up to cream with your bestie. Here's a coupon my friends. Because, what, it's not like you're not freezing anyway. Stand out from the hot chocolate crowd with a CONE!

Pia The Pig

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Awesome Thing About Life (Just One Of Them.)

It goes on. In the last twenty minutes, I learned if Anne is having a boy or a girl (it's her news to tell) and that AAAD Reader Reba is engaged. For every sad moment, there are two joyous ones. Look around.

So thrilled for both of you, and all of you sweet readers with something to celebrate. So excited to learn what my BFF Katie is having (she's pregnant, too)! JOY!

(Listening to country music always makes me think about the good stuff.)

Pia The Pig

(There may be a few more sappy posts coming. It's the month for it.)


Been thinking a lot about hope, patience, and faith over the weekend. I am inspired daily by Sarah and Jeff and their respective journeys. So much we can control in our lives, so much we can't. Our attitude-yes.

"Breathe in hope, breathe out love."

hope print here.

One Day At A Time,
Pia The Pig

Sunday, January 30, 2011


So much joy.

Sesame forever.
Pia The Pig


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