Friday, February 4, 2011

Scenes From A Snow Day

Luckily things have really slowed down at work so I can spend today indoors making things in my pajamas. I'm wearing my dad's NASA sweatshirt that's older than I am. WIN. Here are a few pics to chronicle.

Here's the chocolate chip banana bread I made for my co-workers yet ate myself, although it was really not good. Kellyn made one, too. I'll bet you a loaf of money hers turned out great. And yes, that's real snow on the plate as I attempted to take this photo outside and almost fell and then realized I was getting snow in my coffee. Katie got me that mug. Seemed like a nice sentiment today.

I walked to Office Depot to buy a phone charger and candy. Snow day needs. Here's a pic from the walk, which I really enjoyed.

My driveway.

Bert checking out the snow.

And finally, when life hands you a snow day, invite the neighbors over for impromptu game night and make "snow-covered pretzels!"

Hope you're enjoying it.
Pia The Pig

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