Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Yogurt Frenzy Continues

Pinkberry officially opens tomorrow in Dallas. But, tonight you can go get yo' swirl on fo' free!

Pia The Pig

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Also Tonight: Farmer's Market at Mockingbird Station

Get 'yer melons out! Before or after yoga, head to Mockingbird Station for their farmer's market tonight from 5-9. Mock Station is partnering with the White Rock Local Market (among others) to bring you lots of goodies to eat. The North Texas Food Bank will also be there collecting donations and canned goods, and people who purchase something will get a reusable shopping bag.

AND-if you're really a savvy shopper, you'll head to Gap and Gap Kids before or after and preview what you might want to put on hold tonight before you go back tomorrow for Friends and Family 30% time.

Here's the coupon for that. It's even valid at the outlet and reusable through Sunday. Woo hoo!

Shop local. And then shop savvy. That's what we do here at AAAD.

Working For You!
Pia The Pig

Attention Flexible Friends: Free Yoga Tonight

It's unseasonably warm and delightful weather-wise here in Dallas. For all you yoga fans out there, or anyone looking for an excuse to eat gelato afterwards, Northpark has free yoga tonight in the center park.

"Om" in the Park: Join lululemon athletica and top notch area instructors for evening yoga in NorthPark's CenterPark. This complimentary, all levels class is held Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm. Bring your mat, water bottle and a friend! It's time to get your "Om" on! CenterPark is located on Level One beneath NorthPark AMC 15 theatres. Classes will be held come rain or shine. In case of inclement weather, yoga will relocate to the hallway next to Banana Republic, near Dillard's.

This is also offered on Saturday mornings. Learn more about events at Northpark right here.

I will be doing a craft project tonight that I can't wait to show you. So, go sweat and be fit on my behalf!

Pia The Pig

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In case you didn't know, based on all of the amazing coverage this week and last, SESAME STREET TURNS 40 TODAY! What an amazing accomplishment as such a dear and successful show has stamped itself in pop culture forever. As most of you know, I have held Sesame Street and all of the Muppets very close to my heart (and all around my workspace) for many years now. But it's no doubt we can all celebrate the moments and memories and amazing lessons it has taught us and our loved ones for years.

I have been enthused and not at all surprised to see all of the media attention that SS has gotten this week, but I wasn't expecting so many days of Sesame Google logos to appear! Here's a collection from the past week.

Awesome. Also, YouTube has dedicated a channel to Sesame Street today. Round up the kiddos or just take a walk down memory lane with hundreds of amazing video clips right here.

This is one of my all-time favorites.

Finally, AAAD Reader Kim almost made me break my computer monitor trying to reach in and grab these AWESOME Sesame Street Cake Pops via Bakerella.

These are so incredibly adorable and delicious looking. (Also, pretty hard to make, but you can go here to get beautifully-photographed step-by-step instructions.)


Okay, let me know your favorite Sesame character and your favorite video and we'll post 'em here.

Here's to 40 more!
Pia The Pig

Monday, November 9, 2009

Coffee. Always Better In November.

The flavored holiday creamers are out, and you know what that means! I brought three of these badboys into the office today.

Check out the holiday lineup from Coffee-mate: Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Apple, and Gingerbread. Click here for a coupon!

At this rate, I might just be all coffee, all the time. I wonder what would happen if I added a little Peppermint Mocha to some hot cocoa? My mind could possible explode.

BLOGGER'S NOTE: When searching "coffee" and "cats" for a hilarious photo to really make this post come to life, I came across the image below.
I am so in awe and also frightened by the similarity to my hair and the girl in this photo and therefore my chance to BE her, I can hardly focus on how semi-relaxed that cat might be. Have no fear. Starbucks is MY place. Bert will not be joining me in my search for pumpkin lattés.

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Decaf!
Pia The Pig

Chopsticks Cat

Because it's Monday.

Thanks, Robin, for the link!

Pia The Pig

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nice News for Lower Greenville Residents

OMG I freaking LOVE Jimmy John's! I totes was hungry at 11p.m. the other night and you better believe I order me up a #4 and inhaled it on the drive home (I live 6 minutes from JJ's but I was on a mission...okaaaaay). I am thrilled to hear that a Jimmy John's franchisee has just leased the space on Lower Greenville between Richmond and Prospect. YES!

And now, in case The Pearl Cup, Louie's, and Barcadia wasn't enough awesomeness for the corner of Henderson and McMillan, seems we're getting some more greatness soon. Read below some exciting news from the Advocate's Lakewood blog.

Two new businesses are planning to open in the small shopping center at Henderson and McMillan, adjacent to the Pearl Cup.

We Are 1976, a gift boutique specializing in handmade items, is expected to open in three or four weeks. Vynsie Law of Hollywood Heights is opening the boutique with her brother, Derek Law, and her former sister-in-law, Jully Law.

The store will sell one-of-a-kind items from Dallas designers and artists, as well as from creatives around the world. There are Japanese toy designers and English crafters, Vynsie Law says, and she wants to create a gallery space just for Dallas-based producers of handmade stuff. "We love Dallas, and we just want to showcase some of the talent here," she says.

The other new business, Couture Confections, is a specialty bakery that's set to open nextdoor to We Are 1976. I don't have many details on that yet, but I will be sure to clue you in as soon as I know more.

Can't wait for what's to come.

Shop Local!
Pia The Pig


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