Friday, December 24, 2010

The Greatest Gift of All: Love

It's Christmas Eve and I'm currently on my couch, not working, and finally able to kick my feet up. I have some AMAZING cleaning ladies here (more on that later) and am getting a kick out of my cat's fear of the vacuum. Bert is a big gift in my life and I'm thrilled I adopted him. So for my final gift idea, I have one word: adopt! There are plenty of animal shelters where you can adopt a pet. I promise, the laughs and entertainment and love will last longer than you can imagine.

With Love,
Pia The Pig

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Easiest Gift EVER

You can give this to someone else or you can give yourself the amazing gift of Dreyer's PEPPERMINT ICE CREAM. OMG. I had to try this after I just loved the Dreyer's Pumpkin Ice Cream they had in stores in the fall. Growing up a Texas girl, I am pretty darn loyal to Blue Bell, but the texture of these ice creams is delightful! It's always the perfect texture, like that one second when your ice cream is soft enough to scoop but still frozen. This peppermint ice cream is near perfect. And after exploring the Dreyer's website, I'm definitely going to scoop some into an Oreo crust and bust out this Peppermint Pie.

Season's Eatings!
Pia The Pig

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Favorite Last-Minute Gift Idea

It's getting down to the wire but it's not too late to give a colorful and creative gift. How about one of these download and print 2011 calendars from Etsy? I purchased some of these a few years ago, and for under $10, printed presents galore. You can search 2011 PDF Calendars or take a peek at these I found. Once you pay, the seller(s) will send a PDF within 24 hours for you to simply print, tie with ribbon, and give. It's an easy way to make you look much more prepared than you are.

Love this Modern Calendar from Tamtone.

Also available in all pink.

But this one is my absolute fave. The 2011 Modern Design Calendar from pinkroses1220. Simply gorgeous.

Who is going to steal this idea first!?
Pia The Pig

Happy Giving!
Pia The Pig

I've Said It Before...

The skinny jeans at American Eagle are the best out there. Sure, you have to get over the fact that you're shopping with a bunch of pre-pubescents and the music is loud and half the crap has logos all over it, but for between $40-$50, you can find yourself a pretty sweet pair of skinnys. I now have three pairs (wearing this style today)

and over the weekend bought three pairs of their jeans (one skinny boot fit) for less than $90 thanks to a sale. Everyone I know loves their Gap skinnys (myself included) but the AE fit is a little bit lower rise and doesn't stretch quite as much. Check out all of their jeans. They are awesome!

Pia The Pig

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love These!

Melissa over at Little Miss Poppy shared a link to the photography gift guide from I Heart Faces where Little Miss Poppy is featured. Melissa gave me the Domino bloom for the holidays and I LOVE it! My friends and family all made nice comments on how cute it was. Here's a pic along with Meghan and Amanda at Amanda and Greg's Hot Chocolate Holiday Party. We had a blast and looked cute drinking our hot cocoas.

I love my little bloom and can't wait to wear it all the time. Another adorable find from that gift guide are these handmade lens pets from Mandee Franee on Etsy . HOW CUTE ARE THESE?
I love the peacock.

I know this would be a great gift for any mom trying to get their little dino to smile. How fun. Here are all of them.

Any other gift ideas? Send them my way!
Pia The Pig

Monday, December 20, 2010


YOU MUST READ THIS STORY NOW. And then watch this video.

As one of the commenters wrote, "You, sir, have won the Internet." I could not agree more.

Update: The story behind the story.

Pia The Pig


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