Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love These!

Melissa over at Little Miss Poppy shared a link to the photography gift guide from I Heart Faces where Little Miss Poppy is featured. Melissa gave me the Domino bloom for the holidays and I LOVE it! My friends and family all made nice comments on how cute it was. Here's a pic along with Meghan and Amanda at Amanda and Greg's Hot Chocolate Holiday Party. We had a blast and looked cute drinking our hot cocoas.

I love my little bloom and can't wait to wear it all the time. Another adorable find from that gift guide are these handmade lens pets from Mandee Franee on Etsy . HOW CUTE ARE THESE?
I love the peacock.

I know this would be a great gift for any mom trying to get their little dino to smile. How fun. Here are all of them.

Any other gift ideas? Send them my way!
Pia The Pig

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