Saturday, August 8, 2009

That Was Fun, Y'all!

I highly recommend the country dancing lessons at Gilley's on Saturday nights! We went to "Dance with Jim" at 7 and all had a great time. Luckily, we found us some older sweet gentlemen to dance with each of us and help us perfect our Triple Step (that's the step we learned). We stayed to dance for a bit and moved the party on over to Jack's Backyard after that.

I'll take any chance to pull out my boots to wear with a cute dress. My friends and I all vowed to wear boots more. Here are a few dresses to don next time it's Boot-Scootin' time.

The Gretel Dress, $54.99 at Modcloth

The Maraschino Dress, $47.99 (it's Gingham!) at Modcloth

Sommelier Dress, $57.99 at Modcloth

Now grab yer' partner!
Pia The Pig

Friday, August 7, 2009

Have An Awesome Weekend!

Woo to the hoo. I hope this weekend brings you magical times. I'm going to take country dancing lessons with some gal pals and then hitting up this place afterwards. Should be a good time.

What are you up to?

Find something fun right here and here.

Pia The Pig

Another Great Sale at BR Outlet

Pia The Pig

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Awesome Amy Butler Hits Everywhere Bed, Bath, and Beyond

I love Amy Butler's bright and bold patterns. She has a new line of bedding made from organic cotton at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that's sure to cover your beds and guest beds very soon. Annie, this one's for you!

This Valencia Comforter Set is my favorite.

This Costanza set is more gorgeous than George Costanza ever could be.

Check out the rest of the collection here. And remember, don't ever go to B, B, and B without one of their 20% off coupons that says hello almost once a week in your mailbox.

Sweet Dreams!
Pia The Pig

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Friends and Family at Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft

Their windows for fall are looking super cute, and now, with a discount!

Pia The Pig

My Awesome New Headboard

I'm thrilled that my friends Greg and Amanda are coming to visit me at the end of August! Since they are staying with me, what better excuse to pull the trigger on the headboard I've been wanting for awhile, the Greenwich Tufted Headboard in Oatmeal. Apparently this was the time to pull the trigger, since I scored free shipping AND a discount. Signed, sealed, shipped to my door, my new queen headboard for $202!

From the first review on The headboard itself looks like it came from the most expensive furniture store in town. The microsuede material is luxurious, the detailing is elegant, and even with a super-deep mattress the headboard offers excellent height. I love the richness of the oatmeal color.

This headboard comes in loads of colors. Check it out.

Sweet dreams,
Pia The Pig

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eat Awesome For Less!

I just picked up the new D Magazine which is full of the Best of Dallas '09 (more on that in a bit.) I love all the D Blogs and just stumbled across this article from January: Eat Out And Save: 59 Cheap Dallas Restaurant Deals from the Feb. '09 issue. This is a great read. Two of my faves, Caravelle and First Chinese Barbeque are on here. I'm ready to go!

And, not to be outdone, here are The Best Summer Cocktails in Dallas. Banana margarita? I'm in! I am thrilled to see the bellinis from Patrizio on the list. And the mojitos at La Cubanita? I think the best in town are at La Duni. Looks like time for a taste test!

Let's eat! (And drink!)
Pia The Pig

Eat Good Food poster from Lucky Bluebird, right here on Etsy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Little Bit Of Inspiration

AAAD Reader Gina must have known I needed a little pick-me-up/breather this work week. I have so many things bouncing around in my head and I want them all to come to fruition now now now! Here are a few tiddlebits from the awesome "image bookmarking" site, It's a great place to find inspiration and appear to be working, when you're really just spacing out. What?

Lots more on fffound to make you blink, stop, laugh, nod, feel.

fffind something fffor youself at fffound.
Pia The Pig

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Most Amazing Meal I've Had In Months: Ribs with Penne

My friend Pam is my Mentor In The Kitchen.

AAAD Reader Pam is such an awesome cook that I can't even describe it. This Penne with Braised Short Ribs recipe blew me out of the water and into bloated oblivion. It's amazing.

Pam (And Giada) made this Bibb Salad and Parmesan Butter Crostini with it. OMG. Just...OMG.

Bon Appetit!
Pia The Pig


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