Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just A Quick Post

I'm listening to a song on Katie's blog that I haven't listened to in at least two years. And suddenly, I am RIGHT BACK IN 2008. It's amazing what music can do. Or soup.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Post! I Heart Shutterfly by Amanda

Amanda of The Littlest Hunter showed me the adorable Christmas card she created on Shutterfy this year. I asked her to do a guest post on her amazing deal. Enjoy! And thanks Amanda.

I Heart Shutterfly

I love to get Christmas photo cards. It makes me happy to have a full mantel of pictures with the smiling faces of my closest friends, their children and their pets. The Husband and I have yet to send cards at Christmas. Truth be told, I'm a bit of a procrastinator, and by the time I usually get around to thinking about Christmas cards, its mid-December.

I told myself, "this year will be different." So much pressure, we have a new baby and this is the first family card from The Hunters. I didn't know where to start, so I turned to Shutterfly for some inspiration. I actually participated in a giveaway from Shutterfly where I received 50 free Christmas cards for blogging about said cards.

Over a thousand images and sixteen home photo sessions later, I arrived on The One. No silly props, no Santa themed backgrounds, just a simple shot of The Baby with a sweet expression on her sweet face.

The Husband and I agreed on a layout and I placed my order of 60 cards and envelopes plus 60 custom address labels. This is where Shutterfly carved itself a little place in my heart. I had my discount code for my 50 free cards, but I combed through my e-mail and found every Shutterfly code I had been e-mailed over the past month. I entered them one by one thinking that surely it was not possible to use eight discount codes in one order. Not only was it possible, but it took my order from a whopping $174 to $25. Twenty five dollars.

If you have not finalized your holiday cards as of yet - I encourage you to check out Shutterfly. As a little incentive, here are a few discount codes:

$10 off an order of $30: YFM6-FK35-G9FN-00EKCM
5 Free Holiday cards: XCAY-1TUK-K4SP-PCRJF6

There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from and it is really easy to upload your own photo.

You can even custom order address labels to match, right here. This makes the tedious task of addressing the envelopes one step easier.

Adorable, easy, and a great deal. Perfect.
Thanks Amanda!

And check out their adorable card. Can't wait to put this on my fridge.

Pia The Pig

Four Awesome Things In Five Minutes

1. Free ice cream at work. Currently attacking Strawberry Cheesecake Ben + Jerry's ice cream topped with caramel sauce, whipped cream, bananas, and M&Ms.

2. AAAD Reader Tara sent me this link along with the ichat message: Obsession of the day.

3. AAAD Reader Allison's husband Brian just sent me this exchange from last week's The Office:
Dwight Schrute
[about the Scranton Strangler standoff] Ugh, they shouldn't televise this. It only encourages copycats.
Just say "Copies". Why do you have to drag cats into this?

4. I just read this on my friend Jennafer's Facebook page:
For years, I've wanted a piece of jewelry in the shape of a leaf. Today a friend of mine had on a ring with leaves. I made a comment about it and she placed the ring on my finger. When it fit, she made me promise that when I look at it I must remember that someone loves me. She extended a kindness to me that will last forever. Blessings and miracles happen every moment...are you acknowledging them?

LOVELY! Who knew 3:20-3:25 on a Tuesday could be so freaking awesome?

Happy Afternoon!
Pia The Pig

This Needs To Happen.

Any of you readers who dress up your pets, let's just go ahead and prepare to send those in. We'll be doing a little holiday feature here on the blog. In the meantime, one of you better purchase the Elf, Elfette, Santa (with beard!!), or Mrs. Claus holiday getups. Get out.

Pia The Pig


My name is Flawless Perfection. But you can just call me Natalie.


Pia The Pig

Monday, November 15, 2010

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

Well my cat would kill me, but my parents' cat might just be up for this. With Hanukkah paper, of course. Watch this.


This hideous choreography montage is a delightful collection of laughable "dance" moves of gymnastics floor routines. Whether or not you are a gym fan, we are all fans of bad dancing because it's not us. Enjoy.

Perfect 10!
Pia The Pig

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Interesting Idea For Thanksgiving

I caught Melissa D'Arabian on the Food Network today with an interesting idea for Thanksgiving leftovers. Sure, we've all seen turkey subs, turkey soup, even turkey omelets. But her Turkey Taquitos, Cranberry Salsa, and Sweet Potato Empanadas had this Texan intrigued. Do you have a favorite leftovers recipe? I CAN'T WAIT FOR THANKSGIVING!

Pia The Pig


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