Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To my momma readers and a few of you lovelies who are mom-to-be. You all amaze me. I hope you got in some quality R&R today!

Much Love,
Pia The Pig

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom is Awesome!

This weekend we celebrated my birthday and Mother's Day with the family. Dad's bday was Friday but since everyone gets their own celebration, we will have dinner for him next weekend. I was just thinking about this post I wanted to write to mom as I was putting away some of the super thoughtful birthday gifts she found me. So without further adieu, here on 5/8, are 58 reasons my mom rocks.

1. My mom is so thoughtful. She always thinks about not just us but others and little things to help/buy/save for us all of the time.
2. Woman is a stellar garage saler. She knows what she is doing.
3. Hilarious. We laugh. All the time.
4. She's trendy.
5. The woman keeps it real. No pretense. No BS. All real.
6. She will talk to anyone about how to help their child. Case in point: I asked if she could help a co-worker on his private school search. Cut to one hour later as they hang up the phone.
7. She is an awesome grandmother.
8. She has always done little things that make things special. We always woke up to a birthday banner and balloons hanging up in the kitchen. When we got to her house today, the banner was up to celebrate my dad's birthday. He's over 70.
9. She will go out of her way to make sure there is a constant donut and cookie supply in the house, even if that means an emergency trip in her bathrobe.
10. She's experimental in the kitchen and has fun trying new recipes I give her.
11. THE WOMAN HAS NO BODY HAIR. Naturally. Incredible. "I haven't shaved my legs in thirty years."
12. She loves a project and sees it through. Tell her you need _____. She goes to 8 stores to find it. And uses a coupon for you.
13. My brother and I are over thirty and she will still do our laundry.
14. She always puts together a nice meal for us even when she's exhausted.
15. Woman could win a gold medal in phone talking.
16. She's had friends for years and years and years. Says a lot.
17. Great taste.
18. Has taught herself how to type and use the computer. That's not easy.
19. She has incredible skin and basically zero skin care regime.
20. AMAZING HULA HOOPER. She won many a Bar/Bat Mitzvah contest. Including mine.
21. She has an awesome laugh and loses it laughing quite often to the point of peeing her pants. Just a tinkle. It's endearing.
22. She goes through life with a sense of humor and not taking herself too seriously.
23. But can have a serious conversation and give seriously great advice.
24. She will always keep the door open for a neighbor. They see her as family. It's lovely.
25. Taught me to multitask with her ability to iron and gossip for three hours every Sunday morning.
26. She's great at Rummy-Q
27. And mah-jong.
28. And making matzo balls.
29. And sweet and sour meatballs.
30. She's predictable. In a good way.
31. Gives an amazing amount of love to cats, including our first family cat, Sully, and their current cat, Bentley.
32. She's a great sister and aunt, too.
33. The woman has never been drunk in her entire life. Impressive.
34. Eats blueberries over chocolate. Also impressive.
35. Always supports my dad's hobbies by being the passenger at many a car show.
36. She was a dancer growing up. Love a good dancer.
37. Great, avid reader. She reads disgusting murder mysteries yet sleeps like a baby.
38. Award-winning napper. For real.
39. She has helped me move 67623954 times and is still talking to me.
40. She absolutely puts everyone ahead of herself.
41. She's always encouraged us to be our own people and "fly."
42. She's brave.
43. And interested in constantly learning.
44. She took square-dancing lessons at the Senior Center and rocked it.
45. She loves gymnastics and skating and is a great watching partner.
46. She is so encouraging and believes in people.
47. She, like my dad, has great perseverance in finding her glasses and also her keys. And purse.
48. Has taught us how to save a lot of money by using coupons.
49. She is spunky.
50. And honest.
51. And warm.
52. And generous.
53. And patient. (I could never teach on my feet all day.)
54. She is so outgoing. We always say she can talk to a wall.
55. And has an uncanny ability of making strangers open up to her. See numbers 50-54.
56. She is a great leader. And partner.
57. She is a mother to all. Every good thing a mother is, she is to everyone she knows and even strangers.
58. She has changed the lives of 67843582348854682 children in her career as a teacher, and BIG TIME changed (and made) mine. THANKS MOM!



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