Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twenty Ten, Amen.

So, this long weekend has been awesome. I have felt young again, spent great times with my great girlfriends and family, and even squeezed in some Pia time. I have listened to myself laugh a lot, talk to strangers who quickly became friends, and start many a sentence with "One of my resolutions is to _______." I highly doubt I will be able to write this same sentence come June or even March, but I really do have good intentions. So! I decided in the bathtub (where many great decisions stem from) that if I can narrow all of these big boomin' resolutions down to 31, I could actually focus on one a day instead of being overloaded each day in 2010 (or at least maybe January) with the millions of self-improvements I am seeking. Alas: a resolution a day worksheet. Because just doing one thing a day might be attainable. And isn't that a goal in itself? Here's my A Resolution A Day list, and a blank one for you to fill out and hang on your mirror, and look at right after you do your daily affirmations.

(I promise to revisit this post monthly for a check-in. We can do this!)

These are in no particular order. Just one a day!
1. Open up one of my many cookbooks and pick something at random. (There is more to finding recipes than!)
2. Visit the SPCA every other Thursday. (My friend Allison takes photos there every Thursday. What a perfect time for me to volunteer.)
3. Kidnap (maybe there is a better word?) my nephew Jack and surprise him (and his mom and dad) with a playground date.
4. Don't just arrive on time (a feat in itself) but be somewhere early today.
5. Clean out my car. (At one time in my life, there was a Crock Pot in my car for a good 4-5 months with no potluck party in sight.)
6. Use Crock Pot. (This could knock out resolutions #1 and #5 also. BAM!)
7. Is the weather nice? Let's have a bike ride. (Just got a rad new bike bell for Hanukkah. Ring ring!)
8. Go out more. (Even if that means taking my computer to Starbucks, Mr. Right might unfortch not ever randomly ring my doorbell to interrupt me watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.)
9. Archive. Take something out of the old photo box or VHS box and get that on a DVD. This also works for my mess of a computer screen.
10. Read at least a little of the literally 14 books on my nightstand right now. (49+ Magazines there as well, if you must know.)
11. Take a risk. (I am using this twice because I am hella serious about this folks, and I can't be known as all unpredictable on the 11th every month. I have to surprise myself with my own risk-taking days.)
12. Watch more movies. (This is one thing I have been secretly...until now...self-conscious about for years. My lack of movie knowledge. I just prefer TV. But I hate being uninformed. So it's time.)
13. And that being said, catch up on MadMen, Lost, The Office, and rent or watch some show everyone is talking about that I pass by as I watch Wheel of Fortune.
14. Check up on status of Wheel of Fortune coming to Dallas as winning Big Money is one of my Top 5 Goals EVER.
15. Stop losing one earring. (It's worse than socks for me. Go look under the couch cushions!)
16. SPCA day. See #2.
17. Learn to make a website. For realsies. Big plans for my side projects and hobbies this year.
18. Learn to sew. (Or at least take the time to tackle my vintage Bert and Ernie needlepoint kit I won on ebay a year ago.)
19. Put my phone in the glove compartment while driving. SEERUSLY.
20. Send more things requiring stamps.
21. Keep it real. I know I am not going to do yoga or floss more. Take a day to breathe and live in the moment of not trying to be more, do more. Just enjoy how it is right now, more.
22. Take a risk. (See #11.)
23. More Pia Time.
24. Cook dinner for 4 and invite some random friends over. Try a new recipe.
25. Do laundry more often. (I oftentimes do four loads on Sundays.)
26. Set new goals. Self-evaluate and write things down. Adapt this list if need be.
27. Learn a thing or two about wine. And cheese. And world history.
28. Mail my rent check on time.
29. Play more board games.
30. Buy fresh flowers. (Such a treat. I love them though!)
31. Blog more often, now with added opinionization. YAY!

Happy 2010, My Awesomes!
Pia The Pig

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Awesome New Year!


Happy New Year, my friends! I had a really awesome new years and even though sadly, Adam Brody did not attend the party, it was a great time. So, now that the champagne has cleared, it's resolution time! I am working on my list. Have you made yours? If you need a few ideas, check out this awesome resolution generator. Such a great design and chock full of great ideas. Who doesn't need to Hopscotch in 2010? That's right.

Let's Hear 'Em!
Pia The Pig

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Five Awesome Dudes I Will Highly Unfortch Not Be Kissing At Midnight

Happy New Years Eve, my friends! What are your plans for tonight? I am having some gals over for a champagne toast before we all go our separate ways for the night and then heading to AAAD Reader Anne's house. As much as I hoping to lay a big one on one of these hot boyz at midnight, I might have to wait until next year. BUT, in honor of Best Of Week, I give you Top Six Dudes I Would Love To Ring In The New Year With And Then Some. And Then Some More.

In no particular order...

1. Sufjan Stevens. Oh Sufjan, I'd love to whisper your name (how do you say it correctly?) as we make albums based on states other than Illinoise.

2. Bill Hader. You are funny. I loved you in Adventureland and every other thing ever. You make me swoon and laugh.

3. James Marsden. Yeah, yeah, everyone else wants to get drunk at a bar and sing and dance with you and look like Katherine Heigl, but how many gals out there have loved you since Second Noah?

4. Adam Brody. We all know I will long to forever be your Summer Lovin', before she went all earthy and weird and you broke up in real life. Call me. Let's eat bagels and self-obsess.

5. John Mayer. You are oftentimes a Douchelord, but I love you anyhow. (Pre-warning: My body is not a wonderland. Especially after the holidays.)

6. Chris Carrabba. You are pretty. I love your voice. Let's kiss now and be angsty later. Cool? You are pretty.

Well, my friends, it's time to hear your lists. Obviously they can be famous and completely unattainable, but hey, you never know what the new year can bring.

YAY 2010! (Insert noisemaker here)
Pia The Pig

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Of The Best Of's

I told you I was a Best Of Whore. Wait, that came out wrong.

Anyhoo, here's a nice roundup of some of the best of Best Of links. Tomorrow I am making up a few lists of my own. You might be on them!

This is great: The 13 Most Stupidly Convincing Informercials of 2009
If you only watch one, let it be this.

Here's one of my favorite blogger's picks for:
Top 10 Movies of 2009
Top 10 TV Shows of 2009
Top 20! Songs of 2009
And, definitely worth the read, The Top 20 People of 2009

Here is Gorilla vs. Bear's Best Songs of 2009 and Best Albums of 2009.

Here's a fabulous post on the Best Album Covers of 2009.

And, the 30 Freakiest Commercials of 2009.

Here's all the best from Paste Magazine. GREAT reading here.

And finally, with such excitement, I present to you The 20 Most Important Cats of 2009. Clearly, this segues right into my upcoming resolutions list, in which I reiterate my dedication to making Bert an internet sensation in 2010.

You are on my Best Of List.
Pia The Pig

Monday, December 28, 2009

Let The Best Of's Begin

I am a Best Of List Lover. Apparently I become a lot cooler around the mid-to-late portions of December every year as I catch up on the best of music, movies, tv, theater, books, and everything else that we all love. It's almost gross that I usually end up being more familiar with stuff on the worst list than best, but whatevs, there's always next year.

Today I got a hold of the podcast of NPR's All Songs Considered: Best Music of 2009. Picked by the listeners, this is a little under two hours and sure to make your ears happier than most of the stuff on the Billboard list. (But who am I to judge?)

You can download the whole show or just have a listen to all of the great songs right here.

What was YOUR favorite song of the year?
Pia The Pig wants to know!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009's Most Awesome Mashup

I just want to put on this dress
and pretend I am Taylor Swift and Beyonce and dance from '09 into '10 to this awesome mashup of the Top 25 Billboard Hits of '09.

Who's with me?
Pia The Pig


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