Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week Of Home Goodies Continues

What a gorgeous day it is! I can't wait to enjoy AAAD Reader Bari's outdoor wedding this evening. In the meantime, I am taking a few minutes to spruce up the house with the windows open since it's so gorgeous outside. After searching for a fun doormat, I found the awesome site, Plasticland. I spent a ton of time in the Home Decor section, but there are tons of clothes, shoes, accessories, and more on this site, all well-priced and with $7.95 shipping. IT'S THE BOMB.

This Porcelain Turtle Jam Jar with Spoon will be perfect for my white-porcelain-animal-creamer-and-jar collection. Got that?

This Stuck Goldfish Universal Bath Plug will be way more fun and way more confusing to the cat than the Tupperware lid I am currently using.

LOVING this Chrysalis Butterfly Wings Mirror.

Add some whimsy with this Cartoon Hand Silicone Trivet.

Sweet Tooth Ceramic Cookie Jar. Confuse the Tooth Fairy. YES.

And finally, this Large Wire Birdcage Photo/Letter Holder is just loaded with possibilities.

Happy Shopping!
Pia The Pig

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Week of Posts Dedicated To All Things Home!

Hello again! I have found such fun things while re-accessorizing and adding a little bit more glitz and "me" to my new place. I thought I would take this week, Friday to Friday, for a gathering of posts I am calling Spring Spruce-Up, with some links to lovely ways to add some fun to your home. I've quite enjoyed the hunt. I hope you enjoy the finds.

I have one wall in my kitchen that you see like "BAM!" and I am looking for something to really pop. Good thing I found Helendardik's great Etsy shop, orangeyoulucky, where her colorful illustrations add the fun and whimsy I am seeking.

This illustration: AWESOME.

This print, Hang on, coffee is on the way! would be a great reminder for me in the morning to chill!

This Sprits in my Bottle print would rock any bar.

Tea Time! would be adorable in a little girl's room.

And this Alphabet Poster, great in any little one's room.

And I would be doing everyone who knows me a disservice if I DIDN'T include this print, Let's Go Kitty!.

If you love her work, you will probably enjoy her blog, too.

Home Sweet Home!
Pia The Pig


Hello my lovely readers! Could it have taken ANY LONGER for me to update my blog? Apparently I packed my blogging fingers along with my yet-to-be-found alarm clock and iron in the two boxes I have left to unpack. Most of you know but for those who don't, I just moved! I have also turned 29 in the meantime and had a great time showing off my new pad with my new age to some close friends last weekend. Ah! So, now that I have resurfaced, I must give you what you have been so patiently been waiting for: AWESOMES!

Welcome back home to AAAD. I have missed this!


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