Saturday, October 30, 2010

Best Of Halloween Weekend

Hello and Happy Halloween Weekend! Yes it's a weekend when Halloween falls on a Sunday. Do we celebrate tonight or trick-or-treat tomorrow? I'm saying both. I decided that I'd compile some "best ofs" for pumpkins, costumes, etc. that I've seen on Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, enjoy!

These pumpkins come from the ad agency GSD&M in good ole' Austin, Texas. Gotta love 'em. Disco pumpkin, Snooki, Chilean Miners, Gaga, Charlie Brown, and Willie Nelson. How topical. How Texas. Awesome.

What are YOU dressing up as?
Pia The Pig

Friday, October 29, 2010


Loving backblogging this great blog that Katie found. Check out luckypaperstars. It brings the LOLs. This post , from 09-02-10 made me laugh.

BTW, how gorge is Elizabeth Olsen?

Happy Friday!
Pia The Pig

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This One's For You, Amanda

KITTY LIKE! Hello Kitty Winter Set. Gives me feelings of warmth.

Pia The Pig


Pretty much everything made by Fred is right up my alley. Love this tinsel tape for all your holiday mailings.

Makes you smile in a sea of boring brown.

Pia The Pig

Celebs Are Loving This Coat. Are You?

I was going to blog about this cute coat from Old Navy yesterday, and all of the celebs who have been spotted in it. Amy DT, I know you love Annalynne.

Well, today is the last day that you can get 50% off one piece of Outerwear at Old Navy. Here's the code: OUTER50. And Get free shipping on all orders $50+ with the code: ONSUPER50. (Thanks to Allison and See Chloe Shop for the heads-up.) By the way, just learning about See Chloe Shop. Each day they have deals and promo codes for a ton of stores. Here are today's deals. AWESOME!!

That would make this cute coat $44.75. It comes in tall, regular, and petite and three colors.

How pretty is this blue?

It's cooling down in Dallas (finally). How many of us will be wearing this coat?

Pia The Pig

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Liking These!

These tough ones are part of the new boots collection at American Eagle.

And these equestrians are in grey (and gorgeous in brown)! Love that.

Happy Shopping!
Pia The Pig

Honestly Awesome.

Too true. Too effin' true.

via my new favorite blog, luckypaperstars

So You're Telling Me There's A Greyson Chance

Remember back in May when I mentioned the fabulous Greyson Chance? And then again in September? Well I am thrilled to share the debut single of this little dynamo (Edmond gymnastics reference) as he performed on Ellen, which I listened to at least 12 times today.

Available on itunes. iLove.

Pia The Pig

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Patches. We Don't Need No Stinkin' Patches.

Yes OBVIIIIII that was a quote from the greatest movie involving cookies and Monte Carlo, Troop Beverly Hills. I actually referenced Fred The Muffler Man at work today to two dudes with blank stares. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Anyway, I am loving this blog post that I found over at Katie's blog )and her post with some new lady blogs.) This Lady Scouts of America is the brainchild of luckypaperstars. Check out the site but here's the gist:

NEW IDEA: Woman Scouts. Woman Scouts is, obviously, Girl Scouts for grown-ass women. Basically, it’s an institutionalized “Girls’ Night,” but for ladies who don’t say “Girls’ Night” and also who are awesome. And there are outfits, or maybe just baller hats and sashes.

Instead of boxes of cookies we sell boxes of wine.
Our song is: Make new friends, but keep the old, but maybe don’t friend everyone you went to high school with on Facebook, let’s have some dignity.
Like regular scouts, camping is important. “Camping” in this case is a metaphor for bar crawls.
Obviously, the most important part of Woman Scouts, just like Foursquare and all other superimportant institutions, is the badges:

You get a badge for attempting online dating. You get a badge for going to work even though you have really bad period cramps. You get a badge for every person who asks how a girl like you is still single. You get a badge for wearing leopard print. You get a badge for killing roaches or fixing your sink on your own. You get a badge for sports (for some girls this is an easy badge, for others this is damn near impossible). You get a badge for drastic haircuts. You get a badge for yelling at a jerk who doesn’t call back after sleeping with you. You get a badge for breaking a date. You get a badge for changing the ratio. You get a badge for not buying clothes you don’t need. You get a badge for buying clothes you don’t need (clothes you don’t need are the best!). You get a badge for pap smears. You get a badge for karaoke. You get a badge for surviving a wedding or family reunion by yourself. You get a badge for every cat. You get a badge for every Real Housewife you can ID. You get a badge for every bachelorette party you skip. You get a badge for being told that the object of your affection sees you “as a sister.” You get a badge for listening to people’s crap and not shaking them. You get a badge for shaking them. You get a badge for being friends with an ex. You get a badge for reclaiming “Momma Grizzly.” You get a badge for being an unapologetic Rom Com watcher. You get a badge for nails. You get a badge if you can finally make “fetch” happen. You get a badge for being SO REAL.


I need scout leaders, who’s in?

I thought this was badass and can totes get behind it. Sidenote: I would give anyone a big giant sack of cookies if they went as Phyllis Neffler for Halloween. WIN!

Pia The Pig

Monday, October 25, 2010

Well This Looks Awesome

I checked out the brand-new PBS website and was thrilled to see the preview for the new series, Circus, which starts November 3. I have been fascinated by the circus since I was a tiny little acrobat (I wish) and can't wait to delve right into this.

Watch the full episode. See more Circus.

I know PBS will make this awesome. Can't wait!
Pia The Pig

Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Awesomely True

Who has not felt like this?

Pia The Pig


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