Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gift Idea: She's Got Legs...

This weekend I rocked my new tights from my new favorite discount line, Apt. 9 at Kohl's

Kohl's is like a throwback to the 1950's department store. One store, on its own, full of everything from blenders to blazers. I hit pay dirt there on their Black Friday deals and have to share some ideas with you. I love their tights and most of them are on sale for a great price of just $4.99. These are GREAT stocking stuffers or a really easy way to spruce up your look for the holidays.

These argyle tights are super cute and a steal at just $4.99.

These are also some of the ahem, most controlling, control tops out there that don't make you want to hang yourself or cut off your entire bottom half by the end of the night (this happened to me in a very ill-fitting hot pink pair two weeks ago.)

While I would possibly rename this color to "Holiday Red" or something more delish for the holidays, these Ketchup tights are Christmas party perfect with a simple black dress.

And finally, these preppy cable knit tights are a great texture for all your sweater dresses.

Sidenote: I'd totally pay $5.99 for these tights if they promise a spring in my step like this lady's.

Here's a link to all of the great leggings and tights at Kohl's. Enjoy!

Tights. They're TIGHT!
Pia The Pig

Friday, December 10, 2010

Me, Lately.

Yep. And the best part of this video is the fact that I got it from Keyboard Cat's Facebook page. Boom.

Pia The Pig

A Cup Of Jo's Gift Guide

Joanna over at A Cup of Jo is one of my favorite bloggers. Every year, her gift guides feature some great finds from around the interwebs. I have already purchased a few of her finds for some of you! Hope you enjoy.

Part 1: Mom
Part 2: Bro
Part 3: Sis
Part 4: BFF
Part 5: Dad
Part 6: Kiddos

Here's where to find the gift guides of year's past.

Pia The Pig

On My Mind: How To Hang My Christmas Cards

Both Allison's and Amy's posts, along with a dozen or so holiday cards I have received, have got me thinking of a cute way to display my cards this year. Last year, I hung a piece of ribbon under my mantle, picked up some cute binder clips from Office Depot, and hung my cards in a festive way in five seconds. This year, I'm in a new place without a mantle and with a good amount of wall space. I think this fun idea from Martha will be my idea for this year!

This is super cute and might have to be a year-round installment for cards and invitations in my home office (aka The Studio).

I'll be sure to post some pics! What's ANOTHER trip to the craft store this season?

Pia The Pig

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Etsy Gift Ideas

I probably link to more things on Etsy than any other site. Well, have you tried their groovy little gift finder? It's easy. You choose a Facebook friend and based on their likes and interests, you are given a sleigh full of original items he/she might like. You can even narrow by price. Super awesome!

(I have a LOT of interests on Facebook, BTW. These Sesame Street cake toppers would totes be a match.)

Remember, you give a little part of yourself when you give a gift so make it gooooood!
Pia The Pig

The Albums You Must Give: Part 2/2

My second album of the year is all about the boys. The British boys of Mumford and Sons. I listened to this album, Sigh No More, literally the entire months of June and July. It's up, down, shout out loud. Katie and I listened to some live tracks on our road trip to Denver and it was a concert in the car. I am DYING to see M and S live.

What are your must-give albums of the year? It's about that time for all the indie snobs to tell me all of the records they listened to all year who are made up of musicians not even born yet. Yeah, yeah, you're so effin' cool.

Pia The Pig

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Most Awesome Person I Don't Really Know

I've been following Sarah's story through her blog for months now. There aren't enough words to describe this little lady but here are a few: inspirational, uplifting, present, grounded, brave, beautiful, genuine.

She recently celebrated her big time wedding (she had one with 24-hours notice previously) and the photos are just as lovely as the couple. Would love to share. I would have certainly melted listening to the vows. Turn the volume up.

And if you have the time, please listen to some of her videos. Her fight against cancer is truly awe-inspiring.

Pia The Pig

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In Case You Missed It

Gaga + Gymnasts + Glitter + Glam = The Fiercest Segment of a Victoria's Secret Show I've seen.


And hello, David Durante.

I've watched this six times for the remix alone.

Pia The Pig

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Albums You Must Give: Part 1/2

If someone you know has not experienced the Florence And The Machine album, Lungs, please throw some wrapping paper on it and call it a day. It's my female album of the year (male to come tomorrow.) and bookended with non-stop eargasms. It's $5.99 and beyond incredible. I can't believe I forgot to give this to my mom. Next time. Mom, your prepare to have your Camry rocked.

Pia The Pig

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Every time I see one of these sweet little 5 Year Memory Books in a store, I think, I should buy that, but I need a really special day to start it, like January 1, or my birthday. Well, I suppose Christmas or your Jewish Hanukkahs work just as well. This would be a fabulous gift for someone whose thoughts (or sketches) you might actually care about revisiting, or hell, just get it for yourself. As many gifts as I like to buy for others during the holidays, I swear I double the amount by purchasing lots of impulse crap for myself. I'm a sucker for a sequin!

Pia The Pig


This is just the little video I needed today.

Thanks, Meghan!

In other news, I only have a few more weeks to fulfill my 2010 wish for Bert to become an internet sensation. I think his sheet skating video will need to hit the interwebs soon. Stay tuned!

Pia The Pig

Whoa, Watch This.


Pia The Pig

Programming Note

Finally I have learned how to feature entire YouTube videos on my blog! Hello 2007 called and I finally answered it. Very exciting. Stay tuned for a new look for AAAD as well as plenty more gift ideas. Cheers!

Pia The Pig

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back To Biznass: Gift Guide

Tonight was my family's Hanukkah party and as much of a festive tradition as always, with dinner, donuts, and a decadent amount of presents. My mom and I have a thing where even though we stockpile presents all year, we both separately get panic-stricken that we don't have enough, buy a bunch the day of the party, and then take hours wrapping and arrive tardy to the party. Well I was the only one late this year but who's counting. Anyway, some great ideas for presents.

Not every gift has to be tangible. My brother and sister-in-law 's special restaurant is Simply Fondue. It's where they have celebrated many milestones and even got engaged. So when I noticed a Grouponicus deal for the restaurant, I told my mom and she snagged a $50 for $25 deal there. One printout later, and the recipients were thrilled, even mentioning a recent drive-by and a "we should go there sometime." Well, sometime is now.

More pics and ideas to come. But check Groupons and Grouponicus and Living Social, etc. for other ideas, like nights out, concert/event tickets, dance class coupon, etc. etc. Experiences are amazing gifts, too!

Pia The Pig


"Most people are still really amazed that I can make a full-time living off of about five inches."

Ummmm. Honey, I've got one word for you. And it rhymes with "corn."

I'm sorry, my gift post was suddenly sidetracked by this eerie yet intriguing, awkward video of hand model Ellen Sirot I found on Buzzfeed.

It's just all so...

Pia The Pig


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