Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Tonight was my family's Hanukkah party and as much of a festive tradition as always, with dinner, donuts, and a decadent amount of presents. My mom and I have a thing where even though we stockpile presents all year, we both separately get panic-stricken that we don't have enough, buy a bunch the day of the party, and then take hours wrapping and arrive tardy to the party. Well I was the only one late this year but who's counting. Anyway, some great ideas for presents.

Not every gift has to be tangible. My brother and sister-in-law 's special restaurant is Simply Fondue. It's where they have celebrated many milestones and even got engaged. So when I noticed a Grouponicus deal for the restaurant, I told my mom and she snagged a $50 for $25 deal there. One printout later, and the recipients were thrilled, even mentioning a recent drive-by and a "we should go there sometime." Well, sometime is now.

More pics and ideas to come. But check Groupons and Grouponicus and Living Social, etc. for other ideas, like nights out, concert/event tickets, dance class coupon, etc. etc. Experiences are amazing gifts, too!

Pia The Pig

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