Friday, August 21, 2009

Awesome T-shirts

AAAD Reader Lynn sent me this link. I'm always on the hunt for tomboy-chic v-neck t-shirts, and these look like just the ticket. Bonus that they are nice and long for my gorgeously tall gal pals.

From FashionRAWKS:
Move over American Apparel, Target is taking a run for your money. They just came out with a boyfriend V-neck tshirt and dare I say it, it is WAY more comfortable than American Apparel’s. I wanted to make sure all of you know that Target now sales these and for only $8. They are incredibly soft and fit wonderfully! This is definitely a must buy!

Only $8!! Get 'em here.

Tax-Free Weekend, Baby! Control Yourself (Or Don't),
Pia The Pig

Happy Birthday to Two VIP

Yesterday was AAAD Reader Jasmine's birthday who is my awesome Sister-In-Law. Jasmine, I could never imagine a better fit for my brother, and I just LOVE having you in our family. Thank you for bringing my awesome nephew into the world and always being a great listener.

Today is AAAD Reader Katie's birthday who has been by best friend for twelve years now, even though we haven't lived in the same city in over a decade. Katie and I share so many incredible laughs and embarrassing moments, and every chance we get to hang out together is always full of late nights and loads of laughs.

Katie sent me some great links in an email and I want to share them with y'all! Thanks Katie and Happy Birthday!

the places actually look lived in and make magazine home shoots seem boring. i love looking in peoples' spaces!!

great wedding photos:

cool food videos:

good for all the trash bravo show goss:

500 pencils is a cool concept, but the aurora is even cooler wall art. how awesome would that look?

this one is from hipsterrunoff - here's a twilight post from a while back:

I would love this on a poster:
(Pablo, I bet you love this)

Fun Fact: My mom and I both have best friends born today, August 21.

Pia The Pig

Have An Awesome Weekend!

Time to buy some jeans at The's Tax-Free Weekend!

After starting my day with a surprise snake in my bathtub, I'm really jonesin' for a great weekend. I'm headed to the lake tomorrow for a mini-reunion with the neighbors I grew up with. Should be a blast. I'm making Gina's amazing Lemon-Lime cake tonight so we can celebrate AAAD Reader (my awesome sister-in-law) Jasmine's birthday up at the lakehouse, which was last night. Gina make the lemon-lime cake in cupcake form this week and I couldn't get enough.

Here's a roundup of some stuff goin' on.
Friday, August 21
Late Night Summer Block Party
Today, Friday, Aug 21 6:00p to Saturday, Aug 22 12:00a
at Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

Plano Coin Show
Today, Friday, Aug 21 3:00p to 7:30p
at Richardson Civic Center, Richardson, TX

Def Leppard with Poison and Cheap Trick
Friday, Aug. 21, 2009 7:00 p.m. Center

Romeo & Juliet By William Shakespeare
Today, Friday, Aug 21 8:15p
at Dallas Hub Theatre, Dallas, TX

Ad-Libs Comedy Improv Troupe
Today, Friday, Aug 21 10:00p
at Ad-Libs, Dallas, TX

Saturday, August 22
Free Outdoor Yoga
Saturday, Aug 22 9:30a
at NorthPark Center, Dallas, TX

Highlandettes Garage Sale
August 22, 2009
FREE. The Lake Highlands High School Highlandettes garage sale and car wash will be a great opportunity to treasure hunt and get your car looking great. The garage sale will last from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. and the car was will be held from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Lake Highlands High School gym, 9449 Church.

Best of the Best Car Show
Saturday, Aug 22 11:00a to 5:00p
at QuikTrip Park, Grand Prairie, TX

Brown Bag Blowout: Vintage Clearance Sale
Saturday, Aug 22 12:00p to 5:00p
at Parkerhawn Vintage, Dallas, TX

Summer deals at Dallas Arboretum
Saturday, Aug 22 9:00a to 5:00p
at Dallas Arboretum, Dallas, TX

The Wild and Crazy Beer Pong Tournament
Saturday, Aug 22 12:00p to 5:00p
at Lee Harvey's

Dance Lessons at Gilley's Dallas
Saturday, Aug 22 6:00p
at Gilley's, Dallas, TX

Sunday, August 23
Sunday Gospel Brunch
Sunday, Aug 23 12:30p
at House of Blues - Dallas, Dallas, TX

Pizza and Panini Technique Class
Sunday, Aug 23 1:00p to 2:00p
at Williams-Sonoma, Dallas, TX

There are also loads of great movies out and it's still Restaurant Week. Have you been anywhere marvelous?

Pia The Pig

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Back!

Tonight marks the premiere of season 6 of Project Runway. Don't forget it's moved to Lifetime, all-time fave channel of AAAD Reader Katie P.

Let's see what's in the cards for tonight. I hear La Lohan makes an appearance this season. Here's a sneak peek.

(Need I say it?)
Pia The Pig

I'm A Packaging Whore

Wow, that can be easily misinterpreted...I love packaging. It's the reason I have over 60 rolls of wrapping paper at my house (got a baby shower this weekend? Boy? Girl? Infant Misfit? I can wrap that onesie adorably.) I have absolutely no clue about wine but merely judge it (like over 80% of women. No, really, that's a statistic) based on the packaging. The grapes can be stemmed from a grape Jolly Rancher and the wine can be as rotten as Jessie from NYC Prep, but if it has a cute label, it's always, "This looks good!"

That's why I can easily spend 8 hours a day on The Dieline, a roundup of some of the latest and greatest packaging out there.

Feast your eyes on this brillz packaging for vitamin supplements.

That's almost enough to make me attempt to take them regularly. Now, if the Flinstones were inside these badboys, I'd really be sold.

Check out much more gorgeousness that's bound to make me overpay for whatever's inside, right here.

And tell me, what are some of your favorite packages? Hey-o!

That's a wrap. HA!
Pia The Pig

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Speaking of Ice Cream...

How many of us have eaten a pint at once, while guiltily indulging in trash tv at the same time?


Well, now you can keep your dirty, sinning, freezing hands warm with...the Ice Cream Cozy. Get 'em here on Etsy.

I'm buying this for everyone this year. That means you. So act surprised come December.

Chunky Monkey FOREVA!
Pia The Pig

Insta-Happiness for $1.08

I worked at home over lunch today and made a simple bowl of buttered pasta, which I eat maybe once a year and then always think to myself, "why don't I eat this all the time?" Then I remember what exactly I am eating (butter and parmesan cheese with a splash of pasta) and remember why once in '09 is probably enough.

That same thinking goes for McDonald's. I've been in a blah mood all work week so I decided to stop in and polish off my all manilla-colored lunch with some ice cream. I normally opt for the cone, but today felt like a sundae. Ha! See what I did there?

Anyhoo, $1.08. Boom. Snack attack in the bag.

But wait! "I only ordered one." "No problem!" says the angel at McDonald's who gave me one on the house. That is the best McDonald's experience of my life.

And the best thing I (and Lynn who got the free one) have eaten at 1:58pm in quite a while.

Pia The Pig

My Awesome Earrings Came!

About a month ago, I posted about the amazing Charlie Carter on Etsy and her awesome pop-culture earrings. Well, my Bert and Erniegoodies have arrived and my ears are singing! I am sure you know the song they are singing...I'll spare you.

The detail on these is amazing. Check out CharlieCarter on Etsy right here. She's having a sale!

A is for Awesome.
Pia The Pig

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's a schvitz out there.

But, I was so excited to see a Pumpkin Muffin today at Panera Bread that I almost grabbed the nearest employee and hugged him (not really true...but I was excited.)

It got me ready to devour all things pumpkin, and until Starbucks tempts me with their fall lineup, I'm going to give these awesome-looking Pumpkin Chocolate-chip Muffins via Visions of Sugar Plum a winner's try.

Maybe I'll just dress up Bert in his terribly-hated Halloween costumes while I whip these up and blast the A/C.

Fall leaves, come on down!
Pia The Pig

Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's Go BTS, If For Nothing More Than An Excuse To Buy New Markers

Today is the first day back to school for some kiddos around the USA, so it's about time for us all to get inspired to learn something new. I've been on the verge of taking a Continuing Education class for, well, um, pretty much the last 3 years. I'm ready to GET ON IT and truly enrich myself. These are a few I have pulled which all seem fun and reasonably priced. I'm trying to pick out the best bets. Who's with me?

Here are some fall schedules. Let's register!

Photography Classes at Richland College

Studio Arts Classes at Richland College

Dance Classes at Richland College

Creative Writing Classes at Richland College

Swimming Classes at Richland College

Web Design at Richland College

Graphic Design Classes at Richland College

Foreign Language Classes at Richland College

The Continuing Ed Index for Brookhaven College

The Calendar of Classes at Make Studio

The Class Schedule List at the Creative Arts Center

The Fall Classes at Joann Fabrics at Preston and Forest

Let's buy some sweater vests and load up our backpacks!
Pia The Pig

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Sunday, Let's Get Cookin'

Two goooooood-lookin' recipes to start the week!

This Salmon and Noodle Bowl looks easy and delicious, via Meet Me In The Kitchen

I might just make this Pan-Fried Onion Dip via Ezra Pound Cake for my Tuesday night Game night!

I guess I'll bring along the Binaca...

Got something great? Send it on!
Pia The Pig


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