Monday, June 29, 2009

Awesome Easy Cakes For Summer (Or Anytime)

Yesterday (Sunday) was my awesome friend Carrie's birthday. Carrie is the Queen of Cakes. Not so much in cooking, but in enjoying them (while maintaining a slammin' figure thanks to running and great energy). So, in honor of Carrie, I asked my friend Gina (the most amazing baker) for some summer cake ideas.

Here's Gina's informal guest blog on the topic of Quick Summer Cake Ideas. Enjoy!

Lemon Lime Cake
1. Make a Lemon Cake (easy from the box)
2. Take a packet of lime jello and add the boiling water.
3. After you stir it, and all the powder is dissolved. Stop there. Do not refrigerate.
4. Then poke holes in your lemon cake.
5. And pour the lime liquid evenly over the cake.
6. Wait for it to cool.
7. Then cover with cool whip for a very refreshing summer dessert.

--You can use the same technique with any combination. ex: White Cake mix, and raspberry jello. (But the lemon lime is simply the best)


Here’s another recipe for fun: Homemade ice cream cake
(Which I saw made when I was like 11, so don’t quote me on this).

Homemade Ice Cream Cake

1, Get your favorite flavor of ice cream, in the old-fashioned box carton.
2. Get a bag of Oreo’s.
3. Crush the Oreo’s until all you have is the black cookie powder.
4. Remove the box from the ice cream block.
5. Roll ice cream block in black cookie powder till covered.
6. Slice and serve.

Thanks, Gina, and Happy Birthday Carrie!
Pia The Pig

PS-I love this poster for Cake Hair Salon in SLC. Lovely!

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  1. Oh. P.S. For he Lemon Like Cake: poke holes in the lemon cake with a fork. No huge divots necessary. ha.



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