Monday, June 29, 2009

Bonus Monday Post: MIOBI: An Awesomely Tweenaged Gymnastics "Drama"

Gymnastics is awesome. Stick It was awesome. Nastia is awesome. Did I mention, gymnastics is awesome?

It's about time some brilliant tv execs came up with the idea for a gymnastics television series. Leave it to the folks at ABC Family behind such hits at The Secret Life of The American Teenager to introduce America to Make It Or Break It, the first series about aspiring Olympic hopefuls training at "The Rock" in Colorado.

The story is sorta familiar and loaded with every gymnastics stereotype in the book, but it's nonetheless enjoyable. It's on Monday nights at 8pm Central. Catch the first part of episode one here and follow the links for the rest, or download it free on itunes through July 6.

UMMMM, did I mention is stars Candace Cameron Bure as one of the hot gym moms? I'd watch a show about softball if it meant DJ Tanner was rocking a starring role. Wait until you see what a MILF she is now!

Watch it tonight so we can discuss!

You Perfect 10, You!
Pia The Pig

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