Thursday, September 30, 2010

Barneys: Putting the "cat" in "casting"

Holy bananas, how on trend is this? The Barneys New York Fall 2010 catalog, The Cat, features a stylish model who moves in to a new apartment and is being haunted by AWESOME!


Will this make me attempt to save up to purchase something there? ABSOLUTELY.

Pia The Pig

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Neat. Junk.

Well isn't this a neat idea? GAWD I LOVE THE INTERNET for helping me find little bits of great ideas from all over the universe. Artist/photography Brittnybadger is photographing the contents of junk drawers from different people, and turning them into artwork.
Wouldn't this make a fun little weekend project? Wait, does this mean I'd actually have to clean out my junk drawer? Haha I love how I have that as singular. As if one drawer really contains everything. But somehow "junk condo" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.


Pia The Pig

Cat On The Elliptical

I'm glad to know Otis and I work at about the same speed.


Pia The Pig

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Derek Hough Is Awesome

I am not really into blondes normally but there is something totally mesmerizing about the way Mr. Hough works those dancepants.
Only pretending to be a good dancer, I am completely in awe of the way he makes this jive (and all of his dances) look this easy. JG is workin' it as well.

I love to eat pretzels so much. If only my body was one, my dancing and Olympic gymnastics dreams perhaps would have come true.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Because It's Been Awhile


Brody, Paula Shmaula. I am forever your girl.
Pia The Pig

Wonderful Wedges

I was going to post about my new shoes, but Allison beat me to it!

Pia The Pig

SNL = Back To Awesome?

I had quite a few LOLs this weekend watching my girl KP rock her California Gurls on SNL. In case you missed it, here are a few highlights.

In response to this, there was this:

This was ridiculous but wait for the show names. Funny.

Her legs and dress are killin' it.

Love this.

Next week is Kanye. (Let's have a toast!)
Pia The Pig

Halloween is Awesome

I have my costume planned for a good six months (here's a hint:) but I have been tempted to buy this little gem for two years now.
Not sure anyone besides a shirtless Jeff Spicoli can pull it off, though.

Regardless, I cleaned out my "holiday decor" box this weekend and pulled out the Halloween garb. Seemed a little early until I realized this Friday is October 1 and I was completely bombarded at the grocery store with all things fun-sized nougat. Anyhoo, I got excited for Halloween last week when I saw these totally awesome Halloween cards on PaperCulture. A little pricey, but there are deals if you become a fan on Facebook. How fun are these?

I totes just purchased a ton of Reese's minis for my adorbs candy corn bowls. FUN SIZE = DON'T ADD UP.

Pia The Pig

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well This Is Neat

You know those letters I nerd out by collecting and staring at that are from old signs? Yeah. There's a museum for that. Check out The Museum for Rescued Letters in Berlin. Rad!



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