Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween is Awesome

I have my costume planned for a good six months (here's a hint:) but I have been tempted to buy this little gem for two years now.
Not sure anyone besides a shirtless Jeff Spicoli can pull it off, though.

Regardless, I cleaned out my "holiday decor" box this weekend and pulled out the Halloween garb. Seemed a little early until I realized this Friday is October 1 and I was completely bombarded at the grocery store with all things fun-sized nougat. Anyhoo, I got excited for Halloween last week when I saw these totally awesome Halloween cards on PaperCulture. A little pricey, but there are deals if you become a fan on Facebook. How fun are these?

I totes just purchased a ton of Reese's minis for my adorbs candy corn bowls. FUN SIZE = DON'T ADD UP.

Pia The Pig

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