Saturday, July 10, 2010

If only I had 4 kids

Although I am not necessarily wishing for that right now. Or even three. But, you better believe I'd round up the kiddos or even a couple of kiddos and some cousins and re-create this fun alphabet idea for a giant print for my house. Loving this. via Simplesong

A is for Awesome!
Pia The Pig

Friday, July 9, 2010

Well, There Goes Your Weekend

It's no secret that I heart the city guides on Design Sponge. I still need to post about my great day in Kansas City which was brought to me through ideas from the KC guide. I'm thrilled to see that the Dallas guide has recently been updated, and by none other than a local blogger/designer/amazingly-down-to-earth-woman-I-idolize, Sam of StyleSwoon. There are some great places on here that I love and a few I would love to acquaint myself with just as soon as possible. Shopping and eating staycation, anyone?

Pia The Pig

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simple As That.

I had lunch with a good friend recently and I know she will totally appreciate this. I couldn't have said it better myself. via

Live the life you imagined.
Pia The Pig

Great Idea: The MotherChildBag

Two of my friends welcomed little girls into the world this week, Kennedy Rose and Josie Kay. LOVE them already. This MotherChildBag might be a little bit too grownup for them right now but I can already picture them walking and adorably holding on to their adorable mommas' hands.

via Swissmiss

Hold on tight, girls. Life is FUN!
Pia The Pig

Hopelessly Devoted

I just got home from the Grease Sing-a-long at the movies and it was BANANAS! There were grown women standing up dancing in the theater, cheers, swoons, CONFETTI, Danny, Sandy, and lots of laughs. What a fun idea! Definitely the most fun I have had at the movies in forevs. You should totally go if it's coming to your town.

It makes me want to buy this print (or re-create it) that I have been coveting for way too long and may have already posted on here.

Tell me about it, STUD.

Um. Eclipse. By cats.

You are going to need to click here. TRUST.

I see this shit, and think about how long it took, and I'm like "dang, some people are waaaaaaaay more worrisome to their own mothers than I am."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


In case you haven't read all 400+ posts here, I have a little crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Well hello yumballs with his latest shoot from Details. I will be hitting that July 13th or sooner if I can get my hands on it. Wait that came out wrong. OR DID IT?

Pia The Pig

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gorgeous Laser Cuts

I would like one of these shipped to my house STAT. Gorgeous Laser Cuts by Julene on Etsy.

How very Rob Ryan of you.

Pia The Pig

NERD ALERT: Last Night A Hole Punch Saved My Life

Yep, I am confident enough with myself and your continued friendship and readership with me after writing that sentence. Boo-yah. This hole punch has revolutionized my life. I can't wait to show you all of the adorable things I have made into both 2" and 1" circles, since I had to buy both sizes. I was having a hell of a time aligning my already-printed designs with the craft punch, until I found this passionate blog post about The Mother of All Hole Punches. Then I purchased one, didn't mess up any of my punches, and 100 adorable lime-shaped return address labels later, HOOKED.

The sky is the limit with these. After hand-cutting 100 sparkler tags for a friend's wedding, my hand, Xacto blades, and everyone else is much much happier.

Hand-made confetti everyone?

I told you this was nerdy.
Pia The Pig

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lemon Bars > Dilly Bars

Bars. Gotta love 'em. Dive bars. Fudge bars. Swim-up bars (my dream in my home one day when I Marry Rich), and now, Lemon Bars. I was having a blasé of a day when my friend Kellyn popped over to watch the train wreck that is Jake and Vienna and Drunk Ali (speaking of someone else who loves bars) with a tray-full of her lemon bars. Kellyn knows how to make something that I'd love to have stuck to my face. WOW, how's that for a referral? HEY-O! (Those last two sentences brought to you by WILL THIS WORKDAY EVER END?)

Anyhoo, Kellyn got her blog, KBakes, featured on another blog I have pimped out like 35645623 million times here, Tastespotting, and BOOM! 5,000 hits all over the country. AMAZEBALLS.

In the meantime, visit Kellyn's blog and let's just anxiously await her lemon bars post.
UPDATE! Here's the lemon bars post. How amazing is her styling, too?

And, you must click here to read my favorite Bachelorette recap of tonight's said TRAIN WRECK.


Sunday, July 4, 2010


My lovelies, thank you for your patience while I juggle way too many balls. That's what she said.

Today is AMERICA'S DAY. I hope you have an awesome day of friends, family, and fireworks. And maybe a cat or two.

I love America and I love YOU. We are back.

Pia The Pig


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