Monday, July 5, 2010

Lemon Bars > Dilly Bars

Bars. Gotta love 'em. Dive bars. Fudge bars. Swim-up bars (my dream in my home one day when I Marry Rich), and now, Lemon Bars. I was having a blasé of a day when my friend Kellyn popped over to watch the train wreck that is Jake and Vienna and Drunk Ali (speaking of someone else who loves bars) with a tray-full of her lemon bars. Kellyn knows how to make something that I'd love to have stuck to my face. WOW, how's that for a referral? HEY-O! (Those last two sentences brought to you by WILL THIS WORKDAY EVER END?)

Anyhoo, Kellyn got her blog, KBakes, featured on another blog I have pimped out like 35645623 million times here, Tastespotting, and BOOM! 5,000 hits all over the country. AMAZEBALLS.

In the meantime, visit Kellyn's blog and let's just anxiously await her lemon bars post.
UPDATE! Here's the lemon bars post. How amazing is her styling, too?

And, you must click here to read my favorite Bachelorette recap of tonight's said TRAIN WRECK.


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