Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NERD ALERT: Last Night A Hole Punch Saved My Life

Yep, I am confident enough with myself and your continued friendship and readership with me after writing that sentence. Boo-yah. This hole punch has revolutionized my life. I can't wait to show you all of the adorable things I have made into both 2" and 1" circles, since I had to buy both sizes. I was having a hell of a time aligning my already-printed designs with the craft punch, until I found this passionate blog post about The Mother of All Hole Punches. Then I purchased one, didn't mess up any of my punches, and 100 adorable lime-shaped return address labels later, HOOKED.

The sky is the limit with these. After hand-cutting 100 sparkler tags for a friend's wedding, my hand, Xacto blades, and everyone else is much much happier.

Hand-made confetti everyone?

I told you this was nerdy.
Pia The Pig

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