Saturday, July 24, 2010

Because Katy Perry Can Do No Wrong

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The bitch has the nerve to make a perfume called Purr that I must have immediately if not sooner. Hello Hanukkah 2010.

It doesn't matter what's it made of. It will smell of awesome.

Oh, and if you haven't downloaded her newest single, Teenage Dream, your ears will not have nearly the weekend they could.
Get on it. Now.

Doesn't Kitty Purry resemble Bert?
modeling portrait #1 of many by the lovely Allison Cameron

If this somehow makes KP and I soul sisters or some shit, I'll take it. I mean hello, we already take photos of ourselves with our cats.

Pia The Pig

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cute Bridesmaid Gift Idea!

I am totally stealing this from my friend Jessica's Facebook page, but she looked dazzling as a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding,
and I thought these vintage aprons looked like a great bridesmaid gift.
Who doesn't love an apron? Of course you can get the Charlotte apron from SATC 2 at Paper Source but there are always a ton of cuties at Anthro like these below.

I would seriously wear this as a dress if it didn't mean I'd be hospital gowning it from the back. Although that would be a fun experiment...

Gotta Love A Creative Gift!
Pia The Pig

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are Mustaches Still Trendy?

Who cares. The carstache is hilarious. I would instantly air high-five someone driving around with a Muppet mustache on their car. Available here. Three color choices!

Pia The Pig


Because I HATE Comic Sans. And Lucinda Handwriting. Lucinda needs to DIE.

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A good font goes a long way.
Pia The Pig


What happens when one of your favorite blogs does a "Best of Cats" post? AWESOMEEXPLOSIONOMG2010.

AAAD Reader Sara was kind enough and spot-on enough to send me this great sneak peak post on DesignSponge today which features a little bit of the best of cats that have been featured on their blog. So artsy. So fluffy. So awesome.

Pia The Pig


Most of you know I love to help my friends with their wedding invitations. What you may not know is that it all started when my BFF Katie ordered her invitations, Blossom Deary, from the lovely, talented, and completely amazing invitation designer and more, Cheree Berry. I had the distinct pleasure of not only meeting Cheree, but bonding with her over our Mini Coopers, love of dancing, wedding, and our friend Anne, and more at Anne's gorgeous wedding. Just the other night, I re-read the cheery pop-up coffee table book, Hoorah for the Bra, written by Cheree, in bed and enjoyed every sweet surprise in it. So, I thought it was fabulous to see Cheree lending a hand and another pocketful of surprises to the Kate Spade St. Louis opening. Cheree started as a designer at Kate Spade before she launched her uber-successful paper business, so it seemed like such a natch match. Check out the delightful installation idea they came up with. Here's a little sneak peek.

It's worth the read! I found this on the Kate Spade blog which is great!

Pia The Pig

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Teenage Wasteland Posts

via The Insider

Last night was the premiere of If You Really Knew Me which I mentioned last week I was curious enough to give a chance. I have a weird interest in all things coming-of-age (it's my favorite genre!) and thought this would be pretty effin' real. Well, after lame-ing out and TOTALLY tearing up during MIOBI (if you don't know what that stands for, I won't explain it), I gave IYRKM a shot (Hey, I was already watching MTV from 9-10 on Tuesdays anyway. Peace out, Brody!) and I must say, this is worth watching. Here's the scoop if you have already have enough of my adolescent writing style in this post because I am sitting here, 29, kinda repulsed at how 16 I sound.

Anyway, check it out. Next week. Trust.

(Realizing this is why I have nothing to add to any convos about Dexter, Weeds, LOST, The Tudors, blahblahadult shows.)

Obligatory high school Go Mustangs! shout-out.
Pia The Pig

Rock The Dijies

Inspired by Allison's lilac nails she rocked at a wedding this weekend, I headed to Sephora to pick up some new summatime polish. Apparently, mint, emerald, baby pink, peach, and lilac are just some of the latest color trends. I still love my vampy dark nails, but for now, my OPI from Sephora purchases in Read My Palm and Iris I Was Thinner are totally worth it. Nice and thick and no chips for day 1. I finished off the look with my new Right Hand Ring from American Eagle inspired by a convo with my writer partner Robin about the DeBeers Right Hand Ring campaign from a few years back? Remember that? I loved it!

Rock It Girl!
Pia The Pig

Hottest. TV. Moment. Ever.

I DIED when I first saw this. My BFF Katie and I watched it over and over about 16 times. Well, five years later, it's still hot as shit.

As Katie says, "find me a girl that doesn't love this clip b/c i don't think it's possible."

Yes, Katie it was just better when they were together.

Pia The Pig

It's Not Even 11 a.m...

And I could already use this handy WTF stamp on a variety of papers and emails and conversations this morning.

The KnockKnock brand has loads of funny post-it and notepads, but this stamp really puts your WTF in ink. That's what I'm talking about.

Pia The Pig

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Looks Awesome: Dr. Pepper Cake!

Gotta love the South and its ability to supply Dr. Pepper to us all quite readily. Looks like this Dr. Pepper cake from SheWearsManyHats will be just what the doctor ordered. YUM-O! And Happy Birthday, Pablo!

via IHeartYouBlog

Dr. Awesome!
Pia The Pig

Great Find and Great Idea

AAAD Reader Lynn just sent me this little gem:

"This is from a mommy blog I read that I love. She writes letters to her kids on their bdays and now she’s writing one to herself. Sort of reflects everything all of us should want to remind our own selves of."

Read the awesome here.

Thanks, Lynn!
Pia The Pig

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love This: Graffiti Proposal

I dare you not to smile as you watch this. Love it!

Graffiti Proposal from PR!MO on Vimeo.

Pia The Pig

I Changed My Hur

(warning: self-indulgent post)
Thursday I was having ahellovaday at work and decided to impulsively change my hair. My ABQ friends will be not surprised by the least as I was trying to "find myself" at that time through differences in hair dye. Anyhoo, I called my mom to find the name of her lady since my mom is amazingly chic and the kind of awesome woman who would not go to a hairdresser who needs an appointment. So, I got the intersection of the salon and the name of the stylist "MIRA!" and headed up for a change. I got there and of course (my mom is not the best with names) there was no Mira there but Anita was there and ready to rescue my mood and my frizz. This woman was the bomb and convinced me (easily) to go for the new Brazilian Blowout trend for just $85. I had never met her before but trusted her to straighten (for 6 weeks!) and cut my hair into whatever. She even threw in a free cut since I was a referral from my mom. AWESOME. The cut is perfect for me and the straight hair is like a gift sent from God for an early Hanukkah for all Jews nationwide. I loved this woman and have her info if anyone wants it. Total score.

The best part of the story is that my mom found this hairdresser by approaching a woman at Ross whose cut she admired. I love my mom. She would talk to a wall. And in this case, talking to another random bargain shopper turned out to be a golden opportunity.

Oh, and I thought I'd wear my hair like this until I was blow-drying this morning and brushed my "bangs" forward. I am feeling a little Justine Bieber but I am going for it. He/She is America's Sweetheart.

Pia The Pig

Love These

I used to spend way more time on Flickr, and then I found Etsy, and all went to shit. Not really, I just spent a ton more money. Well, this flickr stream by Recovering Lazyholic is so worth the next 5 hours of your time. There are a ton of sets. Have a looksie. Trust me you will be amused. Here are a few from the "Need to Want Less" set that I found particularly LOL-inducing and so so true.

Pia The Pig

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Awesome Stay-On Coasters

I've been meaning to post these adorable Dimmalimm stay-on coasters for months ever since I spotted them on Amy's sweet sweet blog. Well, Amy, aren't you the trend-finder since now they are featured in this month's Real Simple. These beautiful felt hibiscus coasters hug your wine glass about as tight as I hug mine. Check back on Dimmalimm's etsy shop for updates, but for now, you can snag these babies on their site, where they have even more colors and designs. What a delightful summer gift!

Pia The Pig


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