Monday, July 19, 2010

I Changed My Hur

(warning: self-indulgent post)
Thursday I was having ahellovaday at work and decided to impulsively change my hair. My ABQ friends will be not surprised by the least as I was trying to "find myself" at that time through differences in hair dye. Anyhoo, I called my mom to find the name of her lady since my mom is amazingly chic and the kind of awesome woman who would not go to a hairdresser who needs an appointment. So, I got the intersection of the salon and the name of the stylist "MIRA!" and headed up for a change. I got there and of course (my mom is not the best with names) there was no Mira there but Anita was there and ready to rescue my mood and my frizz. This woman was the bomb and convinced me (easily) to go for the new Brazilian Blowout trend for just $85. I had never met her before but trusted her to straighten (for 6 weeks!) and cut my hair into whatever. She even threw in a free cut since I was a referral from my mom. AWESOME. The cut is perfect for me and the straight hair is like a gift sent from God for an early Hanukkah for all Jews nationwide. I loved this woman and have her info if anyone wants it. Total score.

The best part of the story is that my mom found this hairdresser by approaching a woman at Ross whose cut she admired. I love my mom. She would talk to a wall. And in this case, talking to another random bargain shopper turned out to be a golden opportunity.

Oh, and I thought I'd wear my hair like this until I was blow-drying this morning and brushed my "bangs" forward. I am feeling a little Justine Bieber but I am going for it. He/She is America's Sweetheart.

Pia The Pig


  1. SO cute - I love it! The bangs are cute and it's fun to have the flexibility to wear them down or back! I had a similar need-a-hair-change-now situation last week and left for lunch on Tuesday and came back in with 6 inches cut off.

  2. Thanks Anne! Oh, and I am truly my mother's child. Her name is LYDIA. Not ANITA. Nor MIRA.



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