Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Teenage Wasteland Posts

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Last night was the premiere of If You Really Knew Me which I mentioned last week I was curious enough to give a chance. I have a weird interest in all things coming-of-age (it's my favorite genre!) and thought this would be pretty effin' real. Well, after lame-ing out and TOTALLY tearing up during MIOBI (if you don't know what that stands for, I won't explain it), I gave IYRKM a shot (Hey, I was already watching MTV from 9-10 on Tuesdays anyway. Peace out, Brody!) and I must say, this is worth watching. Here's the scoop if you have already have enough of my adolescent writing style in this post because I am sitting here, 29, kinda repulsed at how 16 I sound.

Anyway, check it out. Next week. Trust.

(Realizing this is why I have nothing to add to any convos about Dexter, Weeds, LOST, The Tudors, blahblahadult shows.)

Obligatory high school Go Mustangs! shout-out.
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