Thursday, December 31, 2009

Five Awesome Dudes I Will Highly Unfortch Not Be Kissing At Midnight

Happy New Years Eve, my friends! What are your plans for tonight? I am having some gals over for a champagne toast before we all go our separate ways for the night and then heading to AAAD Reader Anne's house. As much as I hoping to lay a big one on one of these hot boyz at midnight, I might have to wait until next year. BUT, in honor of Best Of Week, I give you Top Six Dudes I Would Love To Ring In The New Year With And Then Some. And Then Some More.

In no particular order...

1. Sufjan Stevens. Oh Sufjan, I'd love to whisper your name (how do you say it correctly?) as we make albums based on states other than Illinoise.

2. Bill Hader. You are funny. I loved you in Adventureland and every other thing ever. You make me swoon and laugh.

3. James Marsden. Yeah, yeah, everyone else wants to get drunk at a bar and sing and dance with you and look like Katherine Heigl, but how many gals out there have loved you since Second Noah?

4. Adam Brody. We all know I will long to forever be your Summer Lovin', before she went all earthy and weird and you broke up in real life. Call me. Let's eat bagels and self-obsess.

5. John Mayer. You are oftentimes a Douchelord, but I love you anyhow. (Pre-warning: My body is not a wonderland. Especially after the holidays.)

6. Chris Carrabba. You are pretty. I love your voice. Let's kiss now and be angsty later. Cool? You are pretty.

Well, my friends, it's time to hear your lists. Obviously they can be famous and completely unattainable, but hey, you never know what the new year can bring.

YAY 2010! (Insert noisemaker here)
Pia The Pig


  1. So sorry I couldn't get Adam there for you...If I'd only read this in time ;) Had a great night though and was super glad you were there!

  2. You definitely have a type.

  3. Yes. Yes, I do. Anon, are YOU my type? :)

  4. me = dying after reading this post!!!! hahahahhahaha!

    i heart you, my funny friend :)



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