Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four Awesome Things In Five Minutes

1. Free ice cream at work. Currently attacking Strawberry Cheesecake Ben + Jerry's ice cream topped with caramel sauce, whipped cream, bananas, and M&Ms.

2. AAAD Reader Tara sent me this link along with the ichat message: Obsession of the day.

3. AAAD Reader Allison's husband Brian just sent me this exchange from last week's The Office:
Dwight Schrute
[about the Scranton Strangler standoff] Ugh, they shouldn't televise this. It only encourages copycats.
Just say "Copies". Why do you have to drag cats into this?

4. I just read this on my friend Jennafer's Facebook page:
For years, I've wanted a piece of jewelry in the shape of a leaf. Today a friend of mine had on a ring with leaves. I made a comment about it and she placed the ring on my finger. When it fit, she made me promise that when I look at it I must remember that someone loves me. She extended a kindness to me that will last forever. Blessings and miracles happen every moment...are you acknowledging them?

LOVELY! Who knew 3:20-3:25 on a Tuesday could be so freaking awesome?

Happy Afternoon!
Pia The Pig

1 comment:

  1. @4. I'm going to try this from now on with everything. If I walk in to a friend's house and they have an iPad, I'll be all, "for years, I've wanted an iPad." "For years, I've wanted a Mercedes." The law of large numbers tells me that eventually, someone will give me their stuff...



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