Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Knew Fiber Could Be Awesome? can. I'll never forget the delicious sight of watching my parents down glasses of orange, cloudy Metamucil as a child. It never looked as good as my Tang. Anyhoo, thanks to a certain unnamed AAAD reader, I tried Fiber One bars. Who knew eating fiber could taste like eating a candy bar? Apparently my friend did, and as your friend who only wants the best for both your taste buds and your digestive tract, let me introduce you to the yumminess that is the Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. With 35% of your daily value of fiber, you'll enjoy yourself in more ways than one. And...we'll leave it at that.

I'm thrilled to see the new Fiber One spots on the air. I think this commercial is hilarious, from the casting of the talent to the VO to the tag line.

Thank me later!
Pia The Pig

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