Thursday, October 14, 2010

Because Etsy Is Awesome

I heart Etsy. I have found more awesome finds and crafters on here than anything and love the internet times infinity for hosting such an awesome website. )Latest Etsy find: yes.)

Well it sure is cool to see the behind-the-scenes of Etsy. Check out their awesome corporate digs that one of my fave bloggers, SwissMiss, got to tour yesterday. Her thoughts: "Not only do they have a fulltime chef (!), they also bought all their furniture and decoration off Etsy. What struck me is that their office is a 100% true to their brand. The office maintains the handmade feel of the products they carry. Impressive."

This is like the day I saw inside the Anthro office. I almost immediately barfed on the computer of overwhelming jealousy, intrigue, and interest.


Sidenote: this article about the visual merchandising at Anthropologie is a great read

Pia The Pig

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