Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rounding Out The Wedding Talk

I am that person who ignores your wedding registry. Sorry. Whatever. I have good taste. And while yes, you might think you really want that colander, I think sometimes, a little bit more personal means more than the beloved Crate and Barrel box. Amy from Old Sweet Song had some lovely ideas for presents for the bride. Check 'em out.

I remember the first of my close friends to get married, Craig and April, had of course, a lovely registry. But you know what I got them? The Hot Diggety Dogger. And you know what else? They freaking loved it.

Most recently, I went to a wedding of some very creative and fun friends of mine. They love to host pool parties at their house, and get quite creative with the food and drink. So, my friends and I chipped in and got them the Snow Cone Maker Of All Snow Cone Makers
and of course, a Syrup, Cup, and Straw Set to boot.
Sure, they didn't ask for it, but I doubt they will object. I have a feeling this will truly be a present for everyone involved and way more fun than a cutting board.

This is one of a few fun ideas for wedding gifts I'll be sharing. Remember, think outside the box!
Pia The Pig


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  2. I LOVE your tactic of avoiding registries but couldn't help but laugh at my recent scolding. Who doesn't like EVERYTHING that Anthro has to offer?!



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