Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Link Of All Links

1981. A huge year. I was born. Which makes me a Child Of The 80's. And while my brother and I were forced to live without cable or a pool, we had a damn good time. I loved ALF, Playmobil, and of course, all things Muppet. Toys, TV, food games. It all rocked. And so how FREAKING EXCITED am I to share with you, the website of all websites, I'm Remembering. (Thank you, Katie!) You can pretty much guess what is on this website, but just when you thought you knew, BOOM! Delightful trip down Memory Lane. I went ahead and pulled a ton of photos and will post one a day throughout the month. I also have a great list going of contributions I need to add to the site.

Happy vacay back to the 80's.

One of my first cds.


Trapper Keeper Of All That Was Holy


Would certainly be washed down well with THE BEST DRINK EVER.

Love it!!!
Pia The Pig

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  1. With the exception of the Kaboodle and the Trapper, this is all too familiar. I still remember saying "damn" for the first time ever in front of my mom while singing along to that Simpson's album (I believe mine was a cassette). That NY Seltzer just put me in the time machine - awesomeness, Jill.



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