Thursday, April 16, 2009

Awesomely Fun T-shirts: Installment 1

It's time for a post of some of the latest and greatest t-shirts I've found online. I recently found Rumplo, which is a site featuring all sorts of designers. Very fun stuff! Some is a little bit overpriced, but some are simply worth it. Stay tuned for frequent installments of my favorite shirts from around the Interwebs.
This is amazing. Expensive but amazing! I would make out with almost anyone wearing this simply for their sense of humor. Okay that's not true, but the shirt is badass! Kiks Wolf shirt, sport it here.

Be sexy and buy this fake vest tee, here.

Okay, okay, so I appreciate a good t-shirt pun.For my Twilight girls, suck it here.

Yep. I love this and all things Lego. You do, too. Get it here.

Line it up in your closet and win. Get it here.

And finally...Sport this tomorrow at the watercooler, get it here.

Wear them with pride!
Pia The Pig

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