Sunday, November 28, 2010

Think Outside The Big Box

This is one of my favorite times of the year for so many reasons, one of which is the opportunity to get create with gift-giving! Some of my friends tease me for buying gifts for so many people but I love the hunt of finding just the right (bargain) gift that feels personal. When my brother actually suggested I get him a gift card, I laughed in his face. Instead, I headed to one of the best gems in Dallas, the giant Half Price Books on Northwest Highway.

I had a fantastic time walking around the different sections and hand-picking an assortment of books for Joel. In thirty minutes, I was able to pick out books about historical reenactors (so random), pasta, jazz, and G.I. Joe. I even found a few pics for some certain AAAD Readers as I was walking from section to section. HPB has an AMAZING selection of all sorts of books, records, DVDs, etc., but I especially love their cookbook section. It's incredibly organized (a whole section of tapas books, for example) and 90% of them look brand-new. Bonus, I even scored two coupon calendars with my purchase. Awesome experience.

Looking for a gift that's outside of the mall? Think Half Price Books, my absolute favorites, TJ Maxx and Marshalls (major scores there this weekend, and THE BEST place for totally cheap iPod/iPhone/iPad cases, accessories, etc.), or some other good ideas, like services: a maid service, a car detail, a massage, even a night of babysitting. How about a cooking or sewing class on the house? And of course, for the quirky, artsy, and/or collector in your life, you can't really beat a search of something your gift recipient is into on Etsy or ebay. Just check out these awesome finds from a simple "Muppet" search on etsy.

This Kermit on a vintage dictionary page print is something you could never find at a mall!

I love the randomness of this Dirty Bertie print, from my new favorite seller, BoopsieDaisy.

...Which led me to this Match Made In Oven print...

And this amazing collage of Who's On The Menu trading cards that I have to have for the empty wall in my kitchen.

Start searching or thinking about what your gift recipient is really in to, and I guarantee you'll come up with something great!

Happy Hunting, and hope you're looking forward to my month of awesome gifts posts starting soon!
Pia The Pig

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