Sunday, November 28, 2010

Girl Talk: Mashup Breakdown

If you aren't familiar with Girl Talk, it's time to get your ears ready to party. Girl Talk is the ultimate mashup DJ champ and I listen to the hell out of his amazing creations. Last year, Kristie and I went to his concert and it was an extravaganza of music, dancing, confetti, glowsticks and crazy fun. GT's new album was recently released and offered for free and it certainly does not disappoint! AAAD Reader Lynn shared this awesome site, Mashup Breakdown, that shows all of the songs sampled in the album, where and when. Super awesome.

I'm heading to the next Girl Talk show in January and CANNOT WAIT to party down. Who's joinin' me?

PS-I totally have this t-shirt and it's awesome.
Pia The Pig

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