Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Weekend of Teenage Fun: Part 2

I am not going to lie, I shop the Pink line at Victoria's Secret regularly. Some of my friends are super loyal to Gap Body, but I am just going to continue to surround myself with hearts and brightly-colored patterns, sequin, suggestive sayings on boyshorts, and all things aimed to girls 16-24 as long as I am still "in my 20's" (few more months on that, and honestly, I am not promising this is going to stop once my age starts with a "3". OY!). Anyhoo, every few weeks or so I will stop into VS and see what sort of new patterns and fun they have in the Pink line. This is a good time to go pink. That sounds weird. Very fun patterns and as always, mix and match the fun for 5 for $25. I can honestly say I have yet to find a more comforable thong than this one.

I also bought clothes (not just sweats which they offer a TON of) this time, like this skirt in polka dot and a very cute dress I can't find online but is super adorable. It's more fun to shop in store than online, so go check it out. I dare you not to find something you don't need but must have.

Also, I have graduated but I love a lot of the collegiate bling they have, and this season's UT stuff is super cute. Find your school here. I bought these for a friend last year (in the LONGHORN! version) and found them completely hilarious.

Happy Shopping!
Pia The Pig

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