Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TV Trifecta Tuesday

OMG last night I had a lot of work to do but set up shop at the dining room table and wow, working is way more fun with a glass of wine and awesome tv on! I soaked up every drama-and-cute-clothing-soaked moment of: 1. Pretty Little Liars. I am BEYOND loving this show and glad I'm not the only one. You SO need to get caught up! 2. Make It Or Break It. Duh, I love gymnastics and this show is a ton of that but so much more. and 3. Obviously, The Hills/The City/The Afterparty. The actual episode was a snoozefest but I did enjoy the montage scenes. I love a montage!

Just looked on Twitter and PLL is a trending topic. I also love the font that the title is in. Seems to be a mixture of a few pretties. I am obsessed.

Tune In Next Tuesday!
Pia The Pig

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