Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good God, Awesome(ly Bad) TV is Back

It's Tuesday, and I am glued to my TV. Tonight is the DWTS finale, Gaga Glee, and yes, the horrible-yet-I-can't-escape-it The Hills and The City. Speaking of that bad-but-love-it TV, I must excitedly quote Lynn's blog post: "Yes, Monday nights are back. As are Chris Harrison, all the right reasons, the wine, the frozen entree, the salad, THE GIRARDS!, and of course, The Bert. Is it sad when you measure life in seasons of the Bachelor, not years? I think not." Brilliantly put, Lynn.

But anyway, who else is still watching The Hills? Even if you haven't watched it since Lauren was crying about one friend or another hurting her feelings, I know you can appreciate this: Kids Reenact The Hills. via IHeartYouBlog

TV...I <3 You,
Pia The Pig

1 comment:

  1. I haven't seen the hills in forever. Yet, based on this, I feel like I've caught up. This was fun.knee. made me laugh, so thanks for sharing!



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