Saturday, August 1, 2009

Judy Is Awesome. So Are Her Kittens. Adopt One.

My co-worker and fellow CCL Judy sent me the following e-mail and on behalf of Bert I would like to share it with you.

OK, so call me the crazy cat lady.

I went to visit an animal shelter yesterday, with the intention of picking
out a senior cat for my mother, who lost her cat recently.

While I was there, two women came in with two boxes. They had managed to
rescue two mama cats and their respective litters, from the unsavory
apartments where they lived. They told us that they feared for all of the
cats, because the kids in the area did unspeakable things to cats, and that
they would end up dead if they stayed there.

Unfortunately, the shelter couldn't accept the cats because the shelter is
full, and these women - who had hitched a ride to get to the shelter -
really had no ability to do anything further and were going to have to
abandon them.

So I took them. All of them. And now they're in my dining room. And the
babies are only 3-4 weeks old. And they're adorable. And if I don't get them
adopted soon, I'll have to take them to the city shelter if I can't find
another rescue group to take them.

They'll be ready to be adopted in about 2-3 weeks, since they're still
nursing. I'm hoping my husband won't divorce me before then.

You know you want one.

Thanks for your consideration.
Please comment if you'd like to contact Judy!

Pia The Pig

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