Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spend Some Time At Half Price Books.

I'm thinking Half Price Books might be one of the best semi-hidden gems around. We work next to a huge HPB here, and I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch hour there yesterday, picking up a $7.98 hardcover of a great book I am re-reading, Little Girls in Pretty Boxes.

Half Price Books is loaded with, you guessed it, half price books, but every time I go in there, I forget they have loads of other goodies like records, DVD's, old books, loads of magazines, and even toys. The software section has really taken off. What a great place to get old software, or pick up a computer game for only around $3.98.

Also, there are so many seemingly untouched cookbooks there. I always grab one when giving a muffin tin or loaf pan or some other looks-so-lonely-in-the-wedding-gift-bag gift. Really rounds out the present.

Even better is that Henk's has a café inside of HPB. I enjoyed reading my new book while eating the best sandwich in Dallas, The Hot Amsterdam.

As noted by my Marshalls post, I love a good hunt. Treasures galore! Go get you some recession goodies to stimulate your brain.

Eats + Reading + Great Finds = One happy bargain bookworm,
Pia The Pig

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