Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Simply Awesome Idea: Just Make People Happy

This great article from my beloved Advocate blog makes Pia The Pig very happy. Enjoy!

Gunter's Greenhouse Giveaways
The best reason to give flowers is no reason at all!

At least according to a billboard on Campbell Road just west of Central. The billboard belongs to Gunter’s Greenhouse and Florist.

The other side of the billboard is actually what grabbed my attention. At the beginning of the summer I drove by and saw that it read, “Come in for a free rose if your name is Stephanie”. Every time I drive by the sign there has been a new name posted, both male and female names gracing the billboard. Today’s is Emily.

I went in to figure out what this was all about and got to speak to Gunter himself and as an added bonus got a tour of both of the greenhouses and a better look at the store.

“This is not to push sales. We came up with the idea about 2 months ago and we just wanted make people happy. Sometimes we have people come in that say they have never gotten a flower before, and we say ‘Well now you have’. It is just about making people happy.” Gunter also says that there is no rhyme or reason to how the names are picked.

The shop specializes in orchids and is the largest grower in North Texas. One hybrid plant they have grown themselves is named after Troy Aikman and is very large. There are plants as common as roses and others as random as a lemon tree.

Gunter’s has been family owned since 1972 and his wife Ute works there as well.

Even if your name isn’t Emily, it’s worth stopping by to see all the beautiful plants. And keep your eye out for a chance for a free rose – your name could be next!

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