Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Tuesday. Let's sin.

I've been a good girl lately. Working late and brushing my teeth. Watering my plants and holding my tongue in emails. Enough already. It's Tuesday and that means giving into my guiltiest of guilty pleasures lately: Tuesday nights on Bravo!

If you aren't watching NYC Prep, well, good for you, Santa or Hanukkah Harry will reward you come December, but you're missing out on the worst trash I have watched in a good long while. (Well at least since Gretchen and the other queens of The OC invaded my screen.) NYC Prep is THE MOST infuriating yet addictive display of pompous, self-obsessed and insecure teenagers ever. Why am I watching it? Who knows. But you should, too. Come on, try it. When it comes to peer pressure to do something bad, what better than nasty popular teens to get that ball rollin'?
Catch up on all the NYC Prep action here.

Speaking of trash, just continue eatin' that popcorn in front of your HD and roll right through Miami Social.
More beautiful people with beautiful bodies and loads of problems. I'm seeing a pattern, Bravo. What happened to Heidi? MAKE IT WORK!

And just to round out this post regarding trash, teens, and all things sexy, enjoy these steamy photos of Rob Pattinson. Yeah. I'm calling him Rob. He'd call me "J." It would be our thing. Whatevs.

I'd also answer to Bella.

More pics of Rob here.

Pia The Pig

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