Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Was Super

I went to a great Super Bowl party at friends Bill and Racheal's this weekend. You might remember their names from this post or know Bill from his Super Bowl commercials, Bridgestone's Whale of a Tale and Reply All, both big hits. Well I knew Doritos and Pepsi Max weren't gonna cut it at this party, so instead I whipped up (read: added a ton of real mayo and full-fat sour cream) to this amazing BLT Dip from Homemade Gourmet that I won at a party thrown by Amanda and Caroline.

Holy moly this stuff was amazeballs. Seriously, so good. I will definitely be ordering more of this. It was incredibly easy and a total crowd-pleaser. I added a bunch of tore up French bread and baby carrots.

While my dip and adorable set up are one thing, this spread by Eileen has me totally drooling. I'm heading over there next year!

What did you make?
Pia The Pig

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